• 2008/07/18

    Rust Inside - [Music]

    In the valley, in the pretty starve
    I saw the shining light out of your smile
    Am I hurting you on your broken heart?
    Am I a mean trick man with twisted mind?
    It’s a sappy song in word, lacking all the trust
    Wearing all the skins, sparking in the smile
    Shadow in the ground, people are born to blame
    They are trying to find a way to the pale living place
    In the valley, in the pretty starve
    There is a shining light out of your smile
    It’s a sappy song in word, lacking all the trust
    Wearing all the fouls, sparking in the sun
    Leaking on the ground, sailing on the boat
    Are you suffering all the pains? Are you tasting all the blames?
    Wearing all the skins, dropping all the faces
    Am I wasting all your time? Am I killing all your life?
    To the end of all my road, to the sunrise all alone, are you sinking to below? Are you dating me alone?
    To the end of all my road, to the sunrise all alone, are you sinking to below? Are you dating me alone?
    Are you shaking from the words? Are you shaking from the world?
    Are you changing me alone? Are you cheating me from now?

    我不知道在IV之中是最喜欢"污水塘"还是"Rust Inside",即使是在看完Live之后我还是难以在他们之间取舍出一个"最"字...也许世界上并不存在甚么Best,只是不断的重复,重复不断取代的过程...
    其实开始的时候很担心现场的音效会让这首Rust Inside湮没在嘈杂的音墙之中...可当谢玉岗唱出第一句"In the valley"的时候,我意识到这一切的担心全是多余的...直到最后的吼叫,别样于专辑的真切.比任何爆发都更具感染力...

  • 2008/07/11

    BlindPlace - [Music]

    Artist: BlindPlace
    Album: BlindPlace
    Country: Tokyo, Japan
    Release: June 20, 2008
    Label: Kivori Studio
    Style: Post Rock /Progressive Rock

    Track Listing:

    1. Control Voltages
    2. Control Burst
    3. To Seed
    4. Fest
    5. Warm For...
    6. Fear Egoist
    7. Calculating
    8. Color Of Clear

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Shareonall

    BlindPlace: Hello guys! We are from Tokyo Japan. Thank you for looking at our page. We are influenced by emotional, sensitive, experimental, progressive, alternative, post rock and all grand sounds. That's what we want to make! We hope you like our songs.

    下载了他全部的mp3文件,wav就算了...虽然速度暴慢,不过总算是顺利拖完,比较意外= =...
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  • 2008/07/09

    Hellas Mounds - [Music]

    Artist: Hellas Mounds
    Album: The Last Ferry to Cydonia [Demo Sessions Ep]
    Country: Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona, United States
    Release: June, 2007
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Post-Metal /Post-Rock /Sludge

    Track Listing:

    1. Introduction
    2. Kodiak
    3. Stones In My Passway, Hellhound On My Trail
    4. The Last Ferry to Cydonia

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Review: TSB, Download: Mediafire

    HELLAS MOUNDS, formed in early 2006, is a sonic flood of sounds, textures, and atmosphere that pulls you under barely letting up for even a moment to gasp for air. Even though they have not been around long they have already made a lasting mark while being compared to Mogwai, Red Sparowes, and Rosetta. 2007 saw the release of ‘The Last Ferry To Cydonia Demo Sessions EP’ and 2008 will see the release of a split with Empires.

  • 2008/07/06

    softy gone - [Music]

    Artist: 로로스 (Loro's)
    Album: Scent of Orchid (너의 오른쪽 안구에선 난초향이나) [CDS]
    Country: Korea
    Release: December 1, 2006
    Label: Tunetable Movement
    Style: Korean Indie /Post Rock

    Track Listing:

    1. 너의 오른쪽 안구에선 난초향이 나
    2. My Cute Gorilla
    3. Habracadabra

     Sound/Info: Band HP, Download: Mediafire

    For Loro's - Pax Lover

    Artist: Metavari
    Album: Ambling [Ep]
    Country: The Former Black Swamp, Indiana, United States
    Release: January 18, 2008
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Post Rock /Experimental /Electronic

    Track Listing:

    1. Satellites Made It Possible
    2. Everything Is Fine
    3. Road to Awe
    4. There You Are

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Fileducky (From ATPR)

    Defined as a post-rock instrumental band with a progressive-rock core, Metavari's retro-meets-modern sound, combined with their use of digital programming and self-manufactured tones, is captured in this stellar debut, Ambling EP.

    Artist: Guy Gelem
    Album: Lines [Ep]
    Country: London, United Kingdom
    Release: May 22, 2008
    Label: Summer Rain Recordings (White)
    Style: Experimental /Electronic

    Track Listing:

    1. Gardens
    2. Beauty
    3. North
    4. Fairytale
    5. Minimum 

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Mediafire

    Guy Gelem is a London based composer/producer playing mainly Guitar and cello, recording and mixing in his home studio. Guy is reaching his sound by improvising and experimenting with acoustic instruments and electronics. Started to play guitar at the age of 10, studied in various schools of music and private tutors,played with local bands from the age of 13. After performing and recording with various groups and artists decided to focus on his own project.
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    Guy Gelem - Works (April 21, 2008) [From: 弦乐四重奏]

    ...C31+C32+C33=? 欧,CN我很无聊...

  • 2008/06/20

    we all love mooncake - [Music]

    Pete - Contrabass,
    Gena - Drums,
    Kolya - Cello,
    Stas - Guitar

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Demo 2007 & EP 2008

    P话: 昨天还跟小吉聊到提琴类,怎么把这个给忘了- -...

     2005: Globalizm [VA]
     2006: Live Sessions [Ep]
     2006: So Long [Single]
     or, you can download them in 1 pack

    Verticals is one of the most interesting young bands of the Russian club stage playing modern music in full sense of this word. In their creativity interwine lyrical emotional melodies, explosive drive and experimental noisy sketches. Musicians are very creative - they try to combine different styles and trends: from heavy guitar reeves up to psyshedelic landscapes, from prompt rhythms up to melancholic melodies. <<We always tried to play the Music>>, - guys speak. <<Beautiful melodies, alive drive and experiment with a sound were always important for us. Basically we spend time on rehearsals where we play as loudly as possible - in fact only so it is possible to understand where music "swings", and where there are no We never hesitated to play that would be desirable - did not adhere ourselves to any certain stylistics as many musicians do>>. Indeed, on alive performances musicians give out a powerful stream of energy, and create a unique atmosphere which so is pleasant to their admirers. Gathered together in March, 2005 of the splinters of different bands, guys have started to work above a new material which would suit them on all of hundred percent. The band searched for the sound, constantly experimenting and perfecting the skill, and at last has found the calling in indie and post-rock music.

    Verticals是一支来自圣彼德堡的三人团(Alexander S. Tarakanov-Guitar, Anton A. Nasimov-Bass, Andrey V. Shepelev-Drums),至今还没有全长专辑发行,只有上述Ep跟单曲...乐队做的是短小的Instrumental,每曲4分钟左右的长度,顺畅感十足...看了一下午的设备,没这个估计早睡着了- -...
    P话: Alexander S. Tarakanov长得可真帅,本来想贴演出时的一人照的,不过想想还是算了...话说回来,没有嗲的全员演出照片真是件让我蛮头头疼的事情...

    Find More Post-Rock Bands from Russia: http://post-rock.ru/

  • euphoria "one light brings on thousands of colors"
    (music+movie by euphoria)
    a video for the screening at euphoria show "silver lining vol.2", which took place on November 6th, 2005


  • 2008/06/19

    bullshit with you? - [Music]

    Artist: Bosch's With You / Босх С Тобой
    Album: Dreams That Come a Thing Part One: ...Never Thought It May Seem...
    Country: Moscow, Russian Federation
    Release: February 8, 2007
    Label: R.A.I.G. Records
    Style: Post-Rock /Ambient

    Track Listing:

    1. ---###---
    2. Episode #1 (Dreams That Come a Thing)
    3. Episode #2 (Dreams That Come a Thing)
    4. Episode #3 (Dreams That Come a Thing)
    5. Episode #1 (Hoarfrost)
    6. Episode #2 (Hoarfrost)  

     More Info: Myspace, Review: TSB, Download: Fs2you (Thx XY), or Mediafire Part I, & Part II

    Originally, BOSCH'S WITH YOU was intended as a studio solo-project of Dima T. Pilot, founder and guitarist for the Moscow-based nippy-rock-band PILOTS UP IN SMOKE. In 2004, when first recording sessions were completed, the actual state of affairs pushed Dima and his project-companions off the studio-caverns on stage, and very soon BWY turned into one of the most welcomed live-act of the scene exceeding the popularity of the vintage outfit. BWY create atmospheric and dreamy-melodic instrumental post-rock music which fluctuates freely throughout the areas of experimental, psychedelic, noise, and ambient rock.

    The band members also are known with their experimental-ambient side-project LIGHT UNDER WATER.

    Trust your ears, trust your heart...

  • 2008/06/07

    MØN - Demo - [Music]

    Artist: MØN // Rock Orchestra
    Album: Demo 2007
    Country: Paris, Île-de-France, France
    Release: 2007
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Alternative /Rock /Classical

    Track Listing:

    1. Lukrym
    2. Daak Tyle Rhaak
    3. Finne

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Review: TSB, Download: Mediafire

    .y.同学跟大叔喜欢的东西,其实我也蛮喜欢的...只是"新"Demo的曲风越加的偏向于Magyar Posse的后期风格,大概大叔是更喜欢了吧,我有点不太感冒...
    MØN的人声总是深得我心,这次Finne里也有一点,舒服啊...现在不少乐队都开始转型,统统转向了比较不受我讨好的一面...之前很喜欢的有Televise, Camping, Motek(新砖还没听)...
    一些跟专辑无关的事:晚上开始看欧锦赛,当然要一边复习控制原理- -...还有,下面的这张照片我真是喜欢的不得了,嗲...

  • Artist: De La Mancha
    Album: Atlas
    Country: Göteborg, Västra Götaland, Sweden
    Release: 2008
    Label: Crying Bob Records
    Style: Alternative /Psychedelic /Indie

    Track Listing:

    1. Newfoundland
    2. Release All Light
    3. Lotus Seven
    4. And Rainy Days
    5. The Kimono
    6. Superstoned
    7. So Let’s Blow Up Our Heads and Leave
    8. Being a Hero Is Easy
    9. Sleep

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Mediafire (From Here)

    Read More: The Neo-Surrealist Movement
    De La Mancha: so let's blow up our heads and leave
    ww/oNEwAY: 属于My Bloody Valentine+Sigur Rós那一型
    selphyse: 封面做的很静谧,歌曲简简单单就好,舒服就好,感觉对就好,喜欢就好...哎呀真是太好听了,比Parachutes还好听- -...

    最后P话: 这周Leak的好东西可真多...下周考试周,"Fundation of Control System"囧囧囧
    Has anyone got "Coup de Grace"?再问djibouti87要一次?虽然同龄,我也知道他肯定不看我博哈哈哈...各位加油啊