• 2009/07/18

    o7o7 - [Music]

    Artist: Sunlight Ascending
    Album: All the Memories, All at Once
    Country: Detroit, Michigan United States
    Release: 2009
    Label: Future Records
    Style: Post-Rock

    Track Listing:

    1. All the Memories, All at Once
    2. Four
    3. Black Bear
    4. Continental Drift
    5. Out of This Place II
    6. Out of This Place
    7. Reverse Dragons
    8. Ocean Depth/Closing Paths
    9. Vanil/Requiescat

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Douban

    后摇的魅力还在于推敲,一个小细节的修缮,一段旋律的再生,改变整体的效果...量的累计和度的加深我会更偏爱后者...确定基调是何等的重要,我可以接受天马行空的概念,但是决不认同一盘散沙的"整体"...所谓的十年磨一剑,如果最终诞生的只是一个不定式的"可能性",我想,它会是失败的...欣赏Immanu El, Pg.lost, Sleepmakeswaves, Codes In the Clouds的那种气质,不断探索现有的成果,不断挖掘新的"可能性"...在不断向上生长的同时,那些"根",才是茁壮成长的坚实基础...与其在大千世界毫无定式的环游,到不如"尽享"属于自己的那一方乐土...当然,这只是我自己的一厢情愿...
    = =扯远了囧,专辑单曲有余,但整体性稍显不足...还有很大的进步空间...

    P话: Futurerecording侬要作大牌名厂,光音乐出色还不够啊,唱片包装设计也稍微再花点心思吧= =...现在这样怎么打动顾客让他们买啊orz...

  • 2009/07/17

    visa - [Music]


    Friday, July 10, 2009 
     This we take with ON-SALE online!
    Category: Music

    The Autumn project's 74 minute Limited Edition 1 "This we take with us" is officially and exclusively available online at CDBABY!  Hand packaged and screen printed just for you each one is hand numbered.


    Saturday, June 27, 2009 
     This we take with us - Limited Edition One - Photo
    Click the link below to see an actual of photo of one of the 106 copies of The Autumn Project's This we take with us - Limited Edition One


    This Limited Edition series will be available at our live shows and online soon.
    If you live in the area come to our release party June 27th at 9:30 PM at the Vaudeville Mews in DSM,IA 

    据传说Edition One已经售罄...不过有Edition One,就应该会有Two,有Three对伐= =

  • 2009/06/17

    唉... - [Diary]

    if i feel lonely, please tell me that i'm not alone...

     Nils Frahm - Ambre


  • 2009/06/14

    volume up plz! - [Music]

     WakeThisDay - Revival Demo

  • 2009/06/07

    long time no see - [Music]


     Band Members:
    Luca Battistella: Bass, Guitar, Voices | Matteo Piomboni: Guitar | Stefano Lever: Guitar-piano-sinth | Mainardi Enrico: Drums-sinth


    Sometimes choosing a name for your group may be arduous undertaking, and perhaps succeed badly. But not in this case, because the name is charming, mysterious, smoky, just like their record, the same name. Perhaps it is the best way to capture music so ethereal, so impalpable. Certainly not music and catchy, but it should be heard taking some 'time off and a deep breath.
    The group was founded in November 2004 by three young boys conosciutisi almost by chance: Luke, Henry and Stephen, who managed to autoprodursi their cd in the studio Alpha Dept. of Bologna and only after they have acquired the fourth element, Alex. Thanks to the various live and especially to the press site are already proving successful and warm reviews, all deserved. Because their product is very good, it's beautiful, is made with the heart.

    For most Katrienne is instrumental, which helps make it so rarefied, or is accompanied at times by subtle voices and sighs (Our ever changing Earth, La Paz, Swimming pool) and some songs are so poignant as to create a node to throat (as in contact, Frog). But the titles of the songs and lyrics, when there are, they definitely take second place, because everything that comes to us, that strikes us with a punch, but those that do no more than good, it's music, and its intensity .

    The substrate and the electronic melodies composed of guitar, bass and drums (which resemble closely Mogwai and Gardens Mirò) calm the anger and calm the soul. It is perfect music as a soundtrack of a passionate love of a heroic film, or any positive sentiment. To listen to.

    Katrienne - Katrienne (2oo5)


  • 2009/06/07

    o6o7o8o9 - [Diary]

    考完之后心里觉得,嗯,这次好考12o了= =...

  • 2009/06/06

    残缺 - [Diary]

    大宝: 十全十美? 从来就只有这个字,没有这个人

  • 2009/06/01

    Postrocking Radio - [Music]

  • 2009/05/24

    泡泡 - [Diary]


     许哲佩 - 滴滴滴