• 2009/05/23

    waiting - [Music]


    The band is now formed by Alexandre Chenette (guitars), Mathieu Lemay (guitars, melodica and xylophone), Pierre-Yves Charland (drums and Ultimate cosmic sound machine) and Jean-Christophe Chenette (bass). They are also joined on special occasions by Emilie Livernois-Desroches (violin). It never fails to teleport sugarshack's music in a whole new dimension.

    Official HP: http://www.sugarshackband.cjb.net
    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sugarshack/11305513271

    The band was formed in 2001 by Alexandre Chenette and David Cyr, that will soon be joined by Alexandre Tessier, Mathieu Lemay and Jean-Michel Simard. After some time of deep thinking, they finally opted for "Sugar Shack" as the band's name by lazyness and lack of better options ("Sugar Shack" is the bar where Vanilla Ice meets his friends in the movie "Cool as Ice"). The band's music style, known as instrumental stucco, is caracterized by long and repetitive riffs creating slow crescendos that will bring the listener at the top of a cathedral of sounds that will finally implode dramatically and left the listener floating in the air, peaceful, until gravity does its work.

    Sugarshack's 1st full lengh album "Stay Calm and Remain Quiet" (April 24, 2009)

    Codes In the Clouds之后,占有欲的又一次作用而已...
    Why is this band so underground? 

  • Wednesday, May 13, 2009 
     "El Siete Es La Luz" - Full album streaming & pre-orders available

    ok, here are the news:

    - the new album is available on streaming on the official website. it will soon be available on Last.fm and MySpace.
    - if, even after listening to it, you can't wait to have your personal copy of the album, you can already pre-order it
    - as of June 01, 2009, digital download (iTunes, Napster, etc...) of the album will be available and physical copies of the album will be mailed.

    hope you'll enjoy it!

    -- http://www.myspace.com/frenchteenidol

  • did you say it?
    i love you...
    i dont ever want to live without you...
    you changed my life... did you say it?

    make a plan... set a goal... work toward it...
    but every now and then, look around... drink it in.

    'cause this is it.
    it might all be gone tomorrow.

  • More Info | Facebook | Vimeo | VIRB | MySpace | E-mail

    不能下载的同学可以点这个Rayfile...& 嗲团需要人人关爱...32o啊,€3囧

    P话: 惘闻有点彷徨...大叔依旧老样子...年糕还是很腼腆...美女很眼熟...bix好可爱:3
    Planetarium内啥you cant get everything you want(具体名字不详= =)实在是忒嗲了...

  • Tuesday, April 14, 2009 
            New album now available to pre-order and stream from Last.fm

    Full length debut is now available to pre-order. This will be out on CD and packaged in a fancy Arigato Pak with photo, limited to 500 copies world wide.
    Special pre-order price + FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING!
    Regular price will be £7.99 + normal shipping cost.
    Full details and pics soon.
    Expected to be shipping mid to late May.

    Thank you. x

    Order Here!!


    1. Running Through Woodland
    2. Hidden Beneath
    3. Pretend To Forget
    4. Hope
    5. Autumn
    6. At The Top Of This Hill
    7. November
    8. Snowdonia
    9. Find Our Way Home
    10. Lost Birds

    You can stream the entire album at Last.fm also.

    --  http://www.myspace.com/messagetobears

    继续考虑转型中,方向麽Ambient /Electronica /Minimal /Shoegaze /Indie Pop,要不再加点BM? 囧...嗯,我吼很久了,就是老不付诸实践

  • 2009/05/11

    the tumbled sea - [厂牌计划]

    More Info: http://victoryrosemusic.blogspot.com/2009/04/tumbled-sea-melodysummer-lp.html

    FTR 10...full album stream, & free 128kps download...我搞不来自动播放,点一下,开着当背景音乐好了...

  • 2009/05/09

    一年 - [Diary]

    Friday, May 08, 2009 
     Dima T. Pilot died yesterday


    May 07, 2009

    Dima T. Pilot, guitarist and a founding member of BOSCH’S WITH YOU and LIGHT UNDER WATER died today from stroke. He was 29… There are times to feel sorrow and emptiness, and we should not be ashamed to feel it. Thank you for all you have given us. Rest in Peace.

    --  http://www.myspace.com/raigmusic

  • 2009/05/06

    - [Diary]


  • 2009/05/03

    Post-rock is dead ?! - [Music]


     Band Members:
    Mike Gustafson - Drums, Keys, Textures;
    Jess Huffman - Guitar;
    John Huffman - Baritone Guitar, Bass;

    Official HP: http://www.zurecords.com/

    The Autumn Project was first a simple one time moniker for the solo work of Mike Gustafson, upon the musical introduction of life long friend Jess Huffman and his brother John Huffman and two years of experimenting in the basement we are now again The Autumn Project, but in instrumental form.

    Formed officially in 2000, it wasn't until 2003 with the release of The Autumn Project's debut record "Fable" that TAP began moving forward into the direction we are heading now. After two West Coast tours, countless Midwest outings and 3 full length records The Autumn Project are setting the stage for national exposure. After self releasing "La Luna de Negra" in 2004 and signing onto Imagine It Records for the re-issue of "Fable" in 2005, The Autumn Project have now signed with the Boston, MA label Deepsend Records. Both Deepsend and Imagine It Records are best more in the hardcore metal worlds and we feel that we fit into that realm better than any other.

    The Autumn Project’s music is very dynamic and full of melodic overtones, but steeped with a backbone of brutality and dissonance. In January of 2005 UNRESTRAINED! Magazine’s Adrian Brommely, editor of one of the biggest underground metal magazines in the world, declared that the humble and quiet Autumn Project debut "Fable" was THE underrated record of 2005.

    2004: La Luna de Negra
    2006: A Burning Light (Rapidshare, or Narod.ru) [Download Links from: Here]
    2009: This We Take With Us (June TBC)

     Crafting a song with the Autumn Project
     "A Burning Light" - MetalReview.com - Jeremy Garner& more reviews

    Please delete the download in 24 hours and support them by buying their cd!!! (TAP Official HP), thank you...


    友情提示: 呃...应该不少人听过A Burning Light吧,所以我就又懒了,直接盗链囧
    还有么,别被突然的爆发吓到了,希望这不算"剧透"= =...

    P话: 现在听到metal式的riff就想吐...不要逼我继续翻老头子的东西出来听,MD...


     Influences: Everything from Post to Doom

     About: Embedded in the platform for art beyond boundaries vzw de console, ConSouling Sounds is acting out it’s own beliefs. The mail order and the label have taken the mission upon them to promote all "Post" or "Doom" music and to help it find it’s way to the audience.

    Why? A simple reason: these innovating types of music keep holding only a shadowy position in the entire musical landscape. Many interesting bands and unique undertakings never get the chance to develop. They experience difficulties to find their way. Working on distribution or even a reputation is not obvious at all.

    ConSouling Sounds wants to work with bands that are truly remarkable. Through the label we offer them the chance to step in to the footlights they deserve. Through the ConSouling Sounds mail order we help this music find it’s way to the audience more easily. We continuously update and expand our catalogue to make it into a tasty dish for fans as well as for those new to the scene.

    The choice to operate from within vzw de console is no coincidence. We refuse to be just any old promotional platform. We feel snappy being part of this larger platform, because it wants to support artists who do not persistently chose to act within mainstream circuits and movements. In order to continuously provoke existing boundaries. Neither do we believe in ready-made opinions or too strict a definition. We want to keep our finger to the pulse of innovation, crossover and experiment.

    ConSouling Sounds and de console: a partnership for interartistic projects: the place to be for a unique combination of innovative music and art!



     Request: A Cold Dead Body - Chrysælis (2008)