• 2007/09/30

    Kashiwa Daisuke 巨大爱 - [Music]


    Artist: Kashiwa Daisuke
    Album: April.#02
    Country: Fukuoka, Japan
    Release: February 15, 2006
    Label: Onpa
    Style: Acoustic /Electronica /Progressive

    Track Listing:

    1. Do Re Me?
    2. April.#02
    3. Airdrop
    4. Deepblue (Original Version)
    5. Rabbit's_Quartet
    6. The Unexclusive Virus ~Even Our Invincible Religion "Technology" Cannnot~

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Indieray, or 花边

    如果你说这个就是World's End Girlfriend No.2我也没啥好说的...不过这个实在要比WEG入耳的太多料...
    April.#02: 弦乐与琴键的完美结合,外加人声采样跟切分...天才的作品... Ou,我真的已经被彻底征服了,像我这种超级懒人也能喜欢上27'的东西,真是个奇迹...
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  • 呵呵,花边单曲版发了Kashiwa Daisuke的07新专辑!
  • To Tierra:你那也非常Nice亚^_^
  • nice blog!
  • 模版,你不是又换回去了么...
  • please tell me how to download from the forum. it is not my language so i have no idea. :( i've been trying for almost two hours!
  • 由.你也换了这个模版..最近没心情听歌...天天在纠结照相机的事...开车纠结吃饭纠结睡觉纠结...作孽
  • oh yes! I love internet because of these things! How could I interact so fast and easily with someone in Japan? :D
    (In fact I'm from Brazil!!)

    Oh no! I think it's too much translating all your reviews. :P
    But in english you can obviously reach a much bigger audience. (well, english is not my first language too :P)

    But you're already doing a great job! your blog in english would be a dream *__*

    bye! :D
  • Luckly, Music travels all over the world...And should I also transelate all the reviews into english as a copy?^_^ And thank you...
  • hey there!
    You probably don't know but you're kind of "my guide" to japanese post/math rock. This week I discovered bands like LITE, Toe, Té.
    And in your blog I've found links to all these absolutely unknown bands to this (opposite) corner of the world.

    I'm telling everyone I know about the japanese post-rock scene, I hope you keep up the good work of posting their stuff on the web.