• 2008/03/14

    actually, i hate slsk - [Music]


    Artist: Dialect
    Album: Buildings.With.Towns.In [Vinyl, 12"]
    Country: Reading, Berkshire, United Kingdom
    Release: January 5, 2004
    Label: Resonant Records
    Style: Leftfield /IDM /Experimental

    Track Listing:

    A1 .Dead Animal Hymn
    A2. Noise Over Sound
    B1. Inhaling Light
    B2. Randomly Associated With...
    B3. Extraction Program

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Mediafire

    Real Name: Daniel Lovegrove
    Profile: Electronic artist, former Yndi Halda bass player.
    Changed his name to Unstatuesque on June 2007.

    Dialect is an electronica based project by Dan Lovegrove based in Reading, Berkshire. His music consists of melodic harmonies of layered electronica with influences of post rock as well.

    寒假下Stafrænn Hákon全集的时候知道的Artist;虽然最后因为电脑的Crash跟专辑的缺失,Stafrænn Hákon的Disco计划搁浅,不过由于在Tour EP中的出色表现,Dialect的名字却深深地被记在了脑袋里...改名之后的Dialect又以Unstatuesque的名义在Stafrænn Hákon的Liquid Christmas专辑里参与合作...
    呃...基本上Dead Animal Hymn属于神来之笔,嗯...

    Artist: Parachutes
    Album: Parachutes [Ep]
    Country: Reykjavík, Iceland
    Release: 2007
    Label: Moss Stories
    Style: Ambient /Pop

    Track Listing:

    1. Birdpumpkin
    2. Paper Birds
    3. Where Were You?
    4. Your Stories

     Parachutes - Your Stories

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Mediafire

    Parachutes (based in Reykjavik, Iceland) is the music of Alex Somers and Scott Alario, taking their name from the seeds of a dandelion flower. They began in 2003 with homemade bedroom recordings. Today they record their songs in the kitchen.

    Alex and Scott play lots of different toys and instruments and often sample objects from around the house. Their music develops organically, with layers of acoustic instruments, old marching drums and gentle, hushed vocals.

    The Silent Ballet: Volume 7的"副产品"...在一堆Indietronic的包围之中,Your Stories真的是深得我心亚...其他麽,Glowworm的The Coachlight Woods还没下到- -...



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    ok, it has been uploaded...enjoy it^_^
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