• 2008/03/29

    happy together, sorrow together - [Music]


    Artist: So Quiet
    Album: Summer And Winter
    Country: Warsaw, Poland
    Release: November 19, 2007
    Label: Gusstaff Records
    Style: Electronic /Lo-Fi

    Track Listing:

    1. Elephant
    2. Sound Check
    3. Tonight
    4. Early Morning Life
    5. Miniature
    6. Drawing
    7. Two Am At Winter
    8. Shame
    9. September 2
    10. Saturday
    11. Where's Winter There's Home

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Mediafire

    So Quiet is the music project of Tomasz Bien, a young Polish architect and graphic designer, who is also part of the duo At Home. So Quiet supported some Polish bands, such as Pustki and Old Time Radio and the Canadian act Ragni. He appeared as a guest musician on the second Old Time Radio record. In November 2006, he founded Home.Pop.Rec: a small independent lo-fi label, whose second release was At Home's album. At the beginning of 2007, So Quiet's debut appeared on the Spanish Error! Lo-Fi Recordings. At the source of these first tracks lies his fascination with the sound of Rhodes Piano and Wurlitzer. He is currently working on new material, increasingly using acoustic sounds. 

    You can download two previous album at Error! Lo-Fi Net Label...And recently favourate: Takahiro Kido - Fleursy Music

    Be Happy, My Friend!



  • 我下完听了。非常喜欢。谢谢。:)
  • 已下!非常喜欢,谢谢:)