• 2008/04/11

    "what i saw & where i saw it" vol.2 - [Music]


    Artist: Keramick & Lobo
    Album: Digital White
    Country: Helsinki, Finland
    Release: July 7, 2007
    Label: Freaky Beats Productions
    Style: Electronica /Down-tempo /Ambient 

    Track Listing:

    1. A Tune for a Blank Mind
    2. Somewhere In Between
    3. Digital White
    4. Blind Light
    5. Delicate Nouns
    6. Temper Colour
    7. Dandy Lions and Rose Pedals
    8. Left / Right
    9. Current Black
    10. Nocturne
    11. Fret Noise Waltz
    12. Rails
    13. Mum’s the Word

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Review: TSB, Download: Here, or Mediafire

    Keramick & Lobo are a duo from Helsinki, Finland producing melodic electronic music. They’re musical style together ranges from downtempo to ambient and from electronica to idm. The debut full-length album Digital White was released 07.07.2007. They both are a part of the music collective Freaky Beats Productions and have mostly been producing alternative hiphop/rap as solo artists and also in collaborations with other FBP-artists.



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  • 小佘能传个fs2you 地址吗? 尝试了很多次,也没下下来。vol.1也是这种情况
  • 不过利物浦赢了才是硬道理, 哈哈
  • 偶尔来到此地,满喜欢的~~