• 2008/04/25

    The Amber Light - [Music]


    How to describe the music of THE AMBER LIGHT? Electrifyingly atmospherical, heavily strumming, dreamy and rapturous. Always manifold, sometimes accentuated with minimalistic, crackling fragile soundscapes, sometimes piling up to monumental walls of noise. A bit of art here, some pathos there. Alternative rock meets beat/psychedelic, meets post/emo/shoegazer blah blah blah… Or something like that!

    But then again, maybe it’s just pop music. Maybe you should listen to it and love it before losing yourself in a never ending narcistic craze of definitions. The story of the band begins in the summer of 2001, when Louis Gabbiani, Jan Sydow and Rabin Dasgupta meet in their sleepy town to develop their first own songs. This is followed by the recording of their debut album "Goodbye to Dusk Farewell to Dawn" and of the EP "Stranger & Strangers". Live performances take them to Germany, France, Poland, Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, supporting bands like WIR SIND HELDEN, ARCHIVE and THE POSIES. Right now, the band is back in the studio, recording their second album.

     2oo2: As They Came They Slightly Disappeared [Ep]
     2oo4: Goodbye to Dusk, Farewell to Dawn, & Review
     2oo5: Stranger and Strangers [Ep], & Review
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    为甚麽会下The Amber Light我已经忘掉了,直觉?...在家修养几天过后,回到学校觉得是那么滴开心,跟那么滴热爱学习,哦P话- -...
    乐队成立于2oo1年,到目前为止一共是上面些Ep跟专辑('o2的Ep我自己是不怎么喜欢,有Discography癖的同学可以下来听听)...不过乐队常住人口到底是三个人还是四个人我还是搞不清楚...Whatever,主唱Louis Gabbiani的高亢声线倒是彻底地把我穿透了一回...
    ...My favourate track of the band: The Drowning Man In My Hands...还有,"With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept"这个是我听的时候脑子里冒出来的句子...Of Course from EITS...

    P话: Myspace.cn脑子有问题大,加个水印找死啊...没错,我喜欢用省略号跟虚词...




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