• 2008/06/19

    bullshit with you? - [Music]


    Artist: Bosch's With You / Босх С Тобой
    Album: Dreams That Come a Thing Part One: ...Never Thought It May Seem...
    Country: Moscow, Russian Federation
    Release: February 8, 2007
    Label: R.A.I.G. Records
    Style: Post-Rock /Ambient

    Track Listing:

    1. ---###---
    2. Episode #1 (Dreams That Come a Thing)
    3. Episode #2 (Dreams That Come a Thing)
    4. Episode #3 (Dreams That Come a Thing)
    5. Episode #1 (Hoarfrost)
    6. Episode #2 (Hoarfrost)  

     More Info: Myspace, Review: TSB, Download: Fs2you (Thx XY), or Mediafire Part I, & Part II

    Originally, BOSCH'S WITH YOU was intended as a studio solo-project of Dima T. Pilot, founder and guitarist for the Moscow-based nippy-rock-band PILOTS UP IN SMOKE. In 2004, when first recording sessions were completed, the actual state of affairs pushed Dima and his project-companions off the studio-caverns on stage, and very soon BWY turned into one of the most welcomed live-act of the scene exceeding the popularity of the vintage outfit. BWY create atmospheric and dreamy-melodic instrumental post-rock music which fluctuates freely throughout the areas of experimental, psychedelic, noise, and ambient rock.

    The band members also are known with their experimental-ambient side-project LIGHT UNDER WATER.

    Trust your ears, trust your heart...



    docomo 2010/06/19


  • thanks! you blog rules too:)
  • hey! thanks for sharing but there is no "Episode #3 (Hoarfrost)" in irchives. Please reupload!
    sorry, i haven't found this track yet...if you find it, plz tell me, thank you...
    and i love your blog very much <3
    2008-07-17 20:09:10