• 2008/06/20

    we all love mooncake - [Music]


    Pete - Contrabass,
    Gena - Drums,
    Kolya - Cello,
    Stas - Guitar

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Demo 2007 & EP 2008

    P话: 昨天还跟小吉聊到提琴类,怎么把这个给忘了- -...

     2005: Globalizm [VA]
     2006: Live Sessions [Ep]
     2006: So Long [Single]
     or, you can download them in 1 pack

    Verticals is one of the most interesting young bands of the Russian club stage playing modern music in full sense of this word. In their creativity interwine lyrical emotional melodies, explosive drive and experimental noisy sketches. Musicians are very creative - they try to combine different styles and trends: from heavy guitar reeves up to psyshedelic landscapes, from prompt rhythms up to melancholic melodies. <<We always tried to play the Music>>, - guys speak. <<Beautiful melodies, alive drive and experiment with a sound were always important for us. Basically we spend time on rehearsals where we play as loudly as possible - in fact only so it is possible to understand where music "swings", and where there are no We never hesitated to play that would be desirable - did not adhere ourselves to any certain stylistics as many musicians do>>. Indeed, on alive performances musicians give out a powerful stream of energy, and create a unique atmosphere which so is pleasant to their admirers. Gathered together in March, 2005 of the splinters of different bands, guys have started to work above a new material which would suit them on all of hundred percent. The band searched for the sound, constantly experimenting and perfecting the skill, and at last has found the calling in indie and post-rock music.

    Verticals是一支来自圣彼德堡的三人团(Alexander S. Tarakanov-Guitar, Anton A. Nasimov-Bass, Andrey V. Shepelev-Drums),至今还没有全长专辑发行,只有上述Ep跟单曲...乐队做的是短小的Instrumental,每曲4分钟左右的长度,顺畅感十足...看了一下午的设备,没这个估计早睡着了- -...
    P话: Alexander S. Tarakanov长得可真帅,本来想贴演出时的一人照的,不过想想还是算了...话说回来,没有嗲的全员演出照片真是件让我蛮头头疼的事情...

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  • Globalizm 这张专辑好像不全? 能否传个完整的?


    Globalizm - Instrumental Music Of St. Petersburg是Republicsound厂牌于2006年发行的一张合集...Skafandr, Verticals, Info跟Jonny Depp(- -)四支来自圣彼得堡的乐队共同完成了这张作品...
    Part I: http://www.mediafire.com/?agwycdz19gx
    Part II: http://www.mediafire.com/?x0jjzqdmdys
    2008-07-08 19:28:13
  • 我來了!
  • 最近很勤快...^-^
    2008-06-25 12:49:13
  • 我计划开始了。。不过和原来和你说的有出入,有很多团我还是放不下
  • 照片上的低音提琴看起来真嗲
  • 417.3的提琴是挺摸不清方向的

    Verticals 灰常赞 !
    我需要消化一阵子了= =
    2008-06-21 10:53:56