• 2008/07/09

    Hellas Mounds - [Music]


    Artist: Hellas Mounds
    Album: The Last Ferry to Cydonia [Demo Sessions Ep]
    Country: Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona, United States
    Release: June, 2007
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Post-Metal /Post-Rock /Sludge

    Track Listing:

    1. Introduction
    2. Kodiak
    3. Stones In My Passway, Hellhound On My Trail
    4. The Last Ferry to Cydonia

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Review: TSB, Download: Mediafire

    HELLAS MOUNDS, formed in early 2006, is a sonic flood of sounds, textures, and atmosphere that pulls you under barely letting up for even a moment to gasp for air. Even though they have not been around long they have already made a lasting mark while being compared to Mogwai, Red Sparowes, and Rosetta. 2007 saw the release of ‘The Last Ferry To Cydonia Demo Sessions EP’ and 2008 will see the release of a split with Empires.



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