• 2008/10/17

    Electric President Vol.2 - [Music]


    Artist: Tickles
    Album: Today the Sky Is Blue And Has A Spectacular View
    Country: 神奈川県, Japan
    Release: January 16, 2008
    Label: Mad Agascar Records
    Style: Electronic

    Track Listing:

    1. Jewelbeatle
    2. Monochrome
    3. Entire Autumn
    4. All
    5. Far
    6. Onedayonelarge
    7. Slope
    8. Minnanohashi
    9. Spaceout
    10. Today The Sky Is Blue & Has A Spectacular View
    11. Nostalgic River
    12. A Marchingband For Granma

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Mediafire

    Melodies which make your heart tremble mingle with the rhythm and the beat, presenting to you musical illusions..
    TICKLES, comprising Yuki Kamata, Tsuyoshi Izawa and Tatsuya Makishima, are based in the Shonan Bay area of Japan.
    TICKLES are known for producing music from the air and melodies from feelings. During their live tours in Barcelona, Rome and Korea, embarked on since the release of their 1st album “Cinema For Ears”, TICKLES have had the opportunity to share the stage with VITALIC, MONIKA KRUSE and TUJIKO NORIKO and other locally popular performers.
    TICKLES’ core is the intricately sequenced rhythm, into which they add their own unique flavour of live performance.
    This combination has been eagerly acknowledged and appreciated by people who hear them all over the world.
    TICKLES’ 2nd album, “Today the Sky is Blue and has a Spectacular View” will be available on their own label “MADAGASCAR” (
    www.mad-agascar.com) from January 2008.

    If you like it, You may also prefer their first album: Tickles - A Cinema for Ears (2006.07.15)
    好吧,我承认在此之前我对日本的电音算是属于一无所知,基本也就停留在LiSound同学喜欢的那一类= =...



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