• 2008/10/17

    Electric President Vol.4 - [Music]


    Artist: Engine7
    Album: Me, But Perfect
    Country: Glasgow, United Kingdom
    Release: July 28, 2008
    Label: Herb Recordings
    Style: Electronica /Ambient /IDM

    Track Listing:

    1. Sunrise, Catalonia (7:14am) 
    2. Me, But Perfect (7:48am) 
    3. Obsessive/Compulsive (9:12am) 
    4. Glitches (10:08am) 
    5. Tempertantrum (11:36am) 
    6. Path of Least Resistance (12:42pm) 
    7. Nichts (2:46pm) 
    8. A Conversation (4:21pm) 
    9. The Air Sings (7:08pm) 
    10. Hive Mind (7:21pm) 
    11. Goodnight, I Love You (8:07pm)  

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Mediafire

    Engine7 is Alan McNeill: songwriter, musician, and producer.
    Alan makes emotional, organic music influenced by everything that makes him feel human, good or bad. The sounds swell like nature, brutal and beautiful, treading the line between paranoia and peace. On CD, Engine7 has been described as a "dark and gritty style of organic electronica", "encompassing shoegaze, ambient and downtempo" and "a triumph for organic instrumentation and digital innovation".
    Originally formed as a one-man project by Glasgow-based McNeill, Engine7 now comprises 6 members with vocalists, a bass player, a percussionist and a live video artist accompanying him on stage.

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