• 2008/12/16

    prediction, illusion & communication - [Music]


    Artist: ihopeyousuffer
    Album: Gold, Oil And Drugs
    Country: Chandler, Arizona, United States
    Release: 2008
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Post Rock

    Track Listing:

    1. [The Pretenders Guide To Happiness]
    2. I Could Move Mountains For You
    3. [The End Of Earth]
    4. Stop Trying And Give Up
    5. [The North Bridges]
    6. I Stand Like A Statue
    7. [The South Bridges] 

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Free Download: Archive.org

     ihopeyousuffer - Armed With Color 

    ihopeyousuffer: "...At last these people grew weary of their senseless labours and suffering appeared on their faces, and these people proclaimed that suffering was beauty, for in suffering alone was there thought. They glorified suffering in their songs. I walked among them, wringing my hands and weaping over them, but I loved them perhaps more than before when there was no sign of suffering in their faces and when they were innocent and -- oh, so beautiful! I loved the earth they had polluted even more than when it had been a paradise, and only because sorrow had made its appearance on it..."

    ihopeyousuffer不出意外的增加了曲目的长度,相比This Is A Collection Of People to Ruin的琐碎,Gold, Oil And Drugs也并没有完全向完整的体系化发展,而仍旧采用片段式的曲目安排...冰冷,很冰冷...
    我不希望这个假象会变成一种趋势= =...



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