• 2009/01/03

    i love you sooooooo much - [Music]


    Nathan Nicholson - Vox, Rhythm Guitar
    Todd Howe - Lead Guitar
    Adam Harrison - Bass
    Piers Hewitt - Drums

     2oo3: Watermelon [CDS]
     2oo4: In Pursuit [CDS]
     2oo4: Code Red [CDS]
     2oo5: Exits
     2oo9: Union
     Full Discography:
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    THE BOXER REBELLION formed in 2001, through a chance meeting at London's 12 Bar Club. Despite an illness flooring one of their members and forcing them to cancel tours with Razorlight and The Killers, the band pushed forward to release their debut album 'Exits' in 2005 with significant press acclaim. Further interest from abroad saw the band playing shows in the latter half of 2005 in France, Italy and Japan with the likes of The Walkmen, before heading back to the UK to consolidate ideas for a second full-length release. The Boxer Rebellion stand for longevity and substance, and they have both of these qualities in droves. Where other bands would have crumbled following the woes that have befallen this London four-piece, The Boxer Rebellion have re-grouped and re-discovered what makes them tick. Recent, packed live performances in London show that TBR have amassed a solid fanbase, and with superb new songs, the world is again their oyster.

    London-based British band comprising Nathan Nicholson, Todd Howe, Adam Harrison and Piers Hewitt, delivering a mixture of rawkus bass-heavy grooves, alternately fragile and explosive vocals, and melodic indie/alternative sounds. So far the band have released “The Boxer Rebellion” EP (in 2003) and the “Exits” LP (in 2005). A limited edition single “Evacuate/Code Red” was released in 2008. Their new and second album “Union” will be released worldwide on January 11th, 2009, initially exclusively through iTunes, along with a worldwide re-release of “Exits”.

    The Amber Light不同,The Boxer Rebellion在o5年的Exits中表现得更为猛烈,情绪也好,表现方式也好...颇有几分在战场上幸存之余呐喊的味道...粗糙的质感,喷涌而出直至爆裂的轰鸣,到World Without End的恍若围城...真让人欲罢不能
    新专辑Union虽仍有象Evacuate一样标准TBR风格的曲目,但总体趋向柔和...舍弃了些许"过曝"的处理,多了些节奏变化,加上与生俱来的流畅旋律(很PR= =),让Union相较Exits更为的成熟饱满...很难说两者孰优孰劣,总之我很博爱...
    TBR的风格还是比较难界定,至少我是分不清楚...Psychedelic? Indie? Alternative? Brit-pop? 谁指点一下...
    再回过头看看o8年的Brit-pop...Keane,Travis, Coldplay...呃,你还记得他们的debut长啥样麽?好吧,他们都说自己在改变,在尝试新的风格,至少我是不知道这改变的初衷在哪里,大概是更迎合听众,更面向市场吧...瞧人家Antony and the Johnsons到现在还这副阴阳怪气的唱腔,新砖The Crying Light不也蛮嗲嘛= =...

    Form and Fate - Recirc [Ep] (2oo8)
     Sense of Akasha - People Do not Know Who Rules (2oo8)
     Hasta La Otra México! - 8 [Ep] (2oo8)
     Koan - Our Species Evicted Itself From Eden [Ep] (2008) (Thx Lodge)

    P话: 下辈子要不到欧洲当gay去?= =...估计目标就是那些头发微卷,络腮胡子,深邃忧郁男= =...哎哟,还有这嗓音,我是彻底的拜倒了Orz...



  • 真是膜拜啊... 怎么能找到这么多
    2009-01-10 19:35:08
  • 看见英伦俩字眼睛亮了下
    抓去先听听 管他纯粹不纯粹

    话说很多睡天桥下边儿的都这形象= =
    2009-01-05 19:52:30
  • 头发微卷,络腮胡子,深邃忧郁男
    2009-01-05 19:51:35
  • 恩,量有点大哦,看来你是很喜欢他们了。The Amber Light这种感觉的还是挺喜欢的.
  • 看你嘎激动的,我都没听过,囧