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    we will change !!! - [Music]


    By Mackeson

    Post-Rock, Experimental

     Band Members:
    Transmission is Simon Tong (The Verve; Blur; The Good, The Bad & The Queen): Guitars, Paul Ferguson (Killing Joke): Drums, Youth (Killing Joke; Produzent): Bass /Vocoder /Vocals, Tim Bran (Dreadzone): Vocals /Keyboards

    Official HP:

    RYM: http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/transmission_f1

    Transmission is an experimental/post-rock band based in the United Kingdom. The band includes former members of Killing Joke, Murder, Inc., Verve, and Dreadzone. Formed 2005, recorded first album july 2005 at Olympic Studios London, release date ep: Noctolucent 24th july album: Beyond Light 21st august 2006 on Malicious Damage Records. When youth met simon tong they were both working together with the verve, and in between simon finishing sessions with gorillaz and blur, they sparked up a friendship and continued working together which resulted in them developing twin guitar, instrumental epic soundscapes this sound obviously needed more to it and so tim bran was invited to apply some stark metallic synths and beautiful epic pianos then in spring 2005, at a malicious damage shin-dig, youth was re-united with his old killing joke bandmate, big paul ferguson when big paul heard the demos it didn't take much to persuade him to join the project. three months later the collaborators were laying down some of the heaviest and sublime music ever recorded at the legendary olympic studios... although it took six months to write, the album was recorded in three, hot steaming days in july, and now with the help of the pioneering passion of malicious damage records the project has finally come to fruition these musicians have produced a sound and music unlike anything they've done before this is a transmission where the music flows effortlessly, where the melodies are fearless, juxtaposed and complemented with raw and primitive rhythms that are brutally executed sublime moments of timeless beauty, fragile and epic at the same time, vast dark geographies and previously uncharted maps of sound.

    released october 2008

    this is one amazing ride from a four-headed creative monster on heat that manages to blend musical beauty, torrential passion and sheer malevolence, sometimes in the space of one track...

    First sound on opening track Albion is Youth’s unmistakable heaving bass before Big Paul Ferguson steams in with the heaviest drums in the business. Once the original Killing Joke rhythm section is underway on a crunching post-punk funk vamp, Simon Tong’s guitar appears in shrapnel clusters lashed by Tim Bran’s unearthly synth. Musical fireworks might be expected from a line-up like this and Sublimity, the second album by Transmission, doesn’t disappoint.

    The pedigree is impeccable: Youth’s production credentials, his time with Paul in the Joke before ahead-of-its-time superfunk ensemble Brilliant. Simon’s stint in the Verve line-up which made Urban Hymns then Gorillaz and Damon Albarn and Paul Simenon’s The Good, The Bad & The Queen. Dreadzone co-founder Tim Bran plays with Subsonar and The Orb.

    The group started gestating after Youth and Simon became friends during the Urban Hymns sessions, which the former co-produced. Tim entered the fray then, Paul in Spring 2005 after he met Youth at a Malicious Damage party and heard some demos. Three months later they recorded debut album Beyond Light in three days at London’s legendary Olympic studios.

    With the line-up always busy on respective other projects it’s taken nearly two years to emerge with a follow-up but the results are a controlled explosion of disparate musical styles often reaching jawdropping peaks, like the emotional skyscraper of Triple Threat and its mix of dubbed-out effects, guitar resonance and Paul’s inimitable tribal rumble. Rarely does a band manage to blend musical beauty, torrential passion and sheer malevolence, sometimes in the space of one track, influences running riot, assimilated into the group’s mass organic psyche before being spewed out in glorious technicolour.

    For instance, cinematic Giorgio Moroder melodies on the atmospheric Dance Alone, keening psychedelia on the stately You Hold The Fire, Bo Diddley beats under the spiralling guitars of Goodbye Old Friend and Oh Sleep coming in on a classic rock guitar riff before taking off on another of the flights which seem to be this group’s trademark. On some tracks Youth adds vocals, taking Confusion in a panoramic astral rock direction with shades of Bowie while Opium Head turns into a soaring hallucino-ballad. By the mindblowing home stretch guitar-thrash of Absinthium it’s apparent that this has been one amazing ride from a four-headed creative monster on heat - a special Transmission indeed.

     Key Track: Star Stella, Download: Beyond Light (2006), & Sublimity (2008)

    如果你觉得英文介绍多了点,呃...我也很为难,水平有限,写不出人家那种文采= =...耐心点咯...一周最佳,佐料不是很多,但很劲道...
    如果大多数人还是把PR简单地归结为Quiet-Loud-Quiet, Slow-Quick-Slow的话,我想,这个会是个不错的"反例"...觉得后摇和普通的摇滚比起来最大的不同,除了没有人声的加入意外,器乐所扮演的角色也更值得推敲...好的后摇总是那么具有画面感,细节的表达,情绪的处理,细腻而富有引领作用...或许是鼓,或许是吉他...Explosions In the Sky...

    P话: Sublimity is an easy album to admire, but not the easiest to like.
    And麻烦谁找张四位大叔的合照来= =...



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    Transmission - Beyond Light (2006)

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