• 2009/02/08

    "what i saw & where i saw it" vol.7 - [Music]


    Artist: Kid, You'll Move Mountains
    Album: Loomings
    Country: Illinois, United States
    Release: 2009
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Indie Rock /Indie Pop

    Track Listing:

    1. Inside Voice
    2. Volts
    3. Make It Sing
    4. I'm a Song From the Sixties
    5. West
    6. New Blood
    7. Wives Tale
    8. An Open Letter to Wherever You're From
    9. No Applause

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    "KYMM has a firm grasp on the basic indie-pop formula - chiming guitars, slightly swoony male vocals, some keys floating around here and there. Fortunately, they’re smart enough not to limit themselves to it: Their new self-released CD, Loomings, is full of unexpected zigs and zags, like dizzy psychedelic production flourishes or the occasional chugging guitar, which implies that someone in the band has some Fugazi in their collection among all that Built to Spill. Add to that a high hooks-to-songs ratio and an assured, no-sweat performance, and you’ve got what’s easily the best rock album to come out of Geneva in a minute."
    -- Chicago Reader

    RIYL: Bloc Party= =, The Soldier Thread, R.E.M.

    P话: 最后插播链接: Koe - Stem the Tide (2008)



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