• 2009/02/10

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    Indie Rock, Post-Rock

     Band Members:
    Fiore: Vocals and Guitar
    Matteo: Drums
    Marco: Bass

    Label HP: http://www.viaaudio.it/
    RYM: http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/aim__ita__
    CD Baby:

    Marco Fiorello and the brothers Luca, Marco and Matteo Camisasca give birth to Aim. Aim’s members come from other bands of the Milan scene like On the blue, Halway, Molecricket and Scothc Woodcock.
    "Limit of sight"is out, Aim’s debut album for Inconsapevole Records.
    Nine strong and intense tracks which call in mind bands like At the drive in, Brand-New, Thursday and Funeral For A Friend.
    Aim slowly make himself recognise by its incredible live activity, in Italy and abroad, with tours in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

    Year spent between concerts, radio performances and interviews. Aim’s live activity becomes even more intense: more than one hundred gigs in only a year.

    The demo "As in memory" follows after two years the full length debut album "Limit of sight" as for an european tour in Germany in July which ends with a performance at one of the most prestigious festival of Germany, the "Freakstock".

    Year of experimentation and great changes for Aim. The singer, Luca Camisasca, leaves the band and he is replaced by the guitarist Marco Fiorello. Reharsals and research become much more frantic. After two years spent in reharsal room Aim are finally ready to record their new album.

    After having spent summer 2007 recording the new album, in November Aim will perform an european tour in countries like Germany, France, Switzerland and Czech Republic and obviously Italy as for the whole period of the year.
    Worthy of notice is Aim’s tour which will take place at the end of January 2008 in the South of Italy.

    Aim is ready to celebrate their maturity with its new album "Spirits of your tide". The album will be released on Tuesday 14th October. Worth of notice is the tour that took place by the end of January in the South of Italy and the tour in the Czech Republik that will take place in July 2008 and that will bring Aim playing on the stage of one of the most famous festival of the Czech Republik, the "Colours of Ostrava" festival. Here Aim will play as support for the well known band Gogol Bordello. Aim is touring Italy and Europe from November 2007. Since now the band has made more than sixty gigs, supporting bands like Surrounded (S) or Fighting with Wire (IRL).


    Nice Band, And Still On My Wishlist



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  • 主唱金发男是我喜欢的范儿 哈哈 我就好个以貌取人 = =
    VV同学你是女滴? 主唱是意大利帅男
    2009-02-13 16:49:14
  • 不错啊,有后摇伴奏的indie,意大利的团就是喜欢唱。
    2009-02-10 11:31:27