• 2009/05/01

    ConSouling Sounds - [厂牌计划]



     Influences: Everything from Post to Doom

     About: Embedded in the platform for art beyond boundaries vzw de console, ConSouling Sounds is acting out it’s own beliefs. The mail order and the label have taken the mission upon them to promote all "Post" or "Doom" music and to help it find it’s way to the audience.

    Why? A simple reason: these innovating types of music keep holding only a shadowy position in the entire musical landscape. Many interesting bands and unique undertakings never get the chance to develop. They experience difficulties to find their way. Working on distribution or even a reputation is not obvious at all.

    ConSouling Sounds wants to work with bands that are truly remarkable. Through the label we offer them the chance to step in to the footlights they deserve. Through the ConSouling Sounds mail order we help this music find it’s way to the audience more easily. We continuously update and expand our catalogue to make it into a tasty dish for fans as well as for those new to the scene.

    The choice to operate from within vzw de console is no coincidence. We refuse to be just any old promotional platform. We feel snappy being part of this larger platform, because it wants to support artists who do not persistently chose to act within mainstream circuits and movements. In order to continuously provoke existing boundaries. Neither do we believe in ready-made opinions or too strict a definition. We want to keep our finger to the pulse of innovation, crossover and experiment.

    ConSouling Sounds and de console: a partnership for interartistic projects: the place to be for a unique combination of innovative music and art!



     Request: A Cold Dead Body - Chrysælis (2008)




    i still moVing 2008/05/01


  • ConSouling Sounds的下载咧?传我吧囧,我是VIP囧
    只是单纯的厂牌介绍啦,不大众的几个团我也没有= =
    2009-05-02 08:43:52
  • A Cold Dead Body太难找了 orz 叫幽大发功吧
    2009-05-01 21:34:45