• 2009/06/07

    long time no see - [Music]



     Band Members:
    Luca Battistella: Bass, Guitar, Voices | Matteo Piomboni: Guitar | Stefano Lever: Guitar-piano-sinth | Mainardi Enrico: Drums-sinth


    Sometimes choosing a name for your group may be arduous undertaking, and perhaps succeed badly. But not in this case, because the name is charming, mysterious, smoky, just like their record, the same name. Perhaps it is the best way to capture music so ethereal, so impalpable. Certainly not music and catchy, but it should be heard taking some 'time off and a deep breath.
    The group was founded in November 2004 by three young boys conosciutisi almost by chance: Luke, Henry and Stephen, who managed to autoprodursi their cd in the studio Alpha Dept. of Bologna and only after they have acquired the fourth element, Alex. Thanks to the various live and especially to the press site are already proving successful and warm reviews, all deserved. Because their product is very good, it's beautiful, is made with the heart.

    For most Katrienne is instrumental, which helps make it so rarefied, or is accompanied at times by subtle voices and sighs (Our ever changing Earth, La Paz, Swimming pool) and some songs are so poignant as to create a node to throat (as in contact, Frog). But the titles of the songs and lyrics, when there are, they definitely take second place, because everything that comes to us, that strikes us with a punch, but those that do no more than good, it's music, and its intensity .

    The substrate and the electronic melodies composed of guitar, bass and drums (which resemble closely Mogwai and Gardens Mirò) calm the anger and calm the soul. It is perfect music as a soundtrack of a passionate love of a heroic film, or any positive sentiment. To listen to.

    Katrienne - Katrienne (2oo5)




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