• 2009/10/09

    something we can choose, something we can't lose - [Music]


    Artist: Bosch's With You
    Album:  Live in Kharkiv
    Country: Moscow, Russian Federation
    Release: 2009
    Label: R.A.I.G. Records
    Style: Post-Rock / Ambient

    Track Listing:

    1. St. Michael's Seed (Live Alternative Version 2008)
    2. Caught Inside (Live Version 2008)
    3. Metathesis (Live Version 2008)
    4. The Day of Wrath (Live Version 2008)

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Free Direct Download: Here

    BOSCH'S WITH YOU: Dima T. Pilot (guitar), A.B. (guitar), Dima Ch. (bass), and Indol (drums, percussion). Recorded live at the Churchill Pub, Kharkiv (UA) on April 26, 2008. Mixed and edited by Karl at Pri-Zvuk Studio, Moscow (RU). Original live photo by Vedenei Zaikov. This is the only official concert album by the band. Its tracklisting includes 3 brand new compositions ("St.Michael's Seed", "Caught Inside" and "Metathesis") as well as "The Day of Wrath", one of the band's live favourites (from the album Here Came The Day - Here Came The Night). Published as a free-to-download mp3-album exclusively (70 mb - 4 tracks - 48 min.). In Rememberance of Dima T. Pilot (1980 - 2009).

    Do you want to be a celebrity, or just ordinary,
    Do you want to be dead with glory, or just peacefully,
    Life is such a journey,
    We cry, we smile...

    In rememberance of Dima T. Pilot, rest in peace...