• 2007/05/07

    Rap To Metal - [Music]


    Artist: Linkin Park
    Album: Minutes to Midnight
    Country: Los Angeles, CA
    Release: May 15, 2007
    Label: Warner Bros / Wea
    Style: Rap Metal

    Track Listing:

    1. Wake 
    2. Given Up 
    3. Leave Out All The Rest 
    4. Bleed It Out 
    5. Shadow Of The Day 
    6. What I've Done 
    7. Hands Held High 
    8. No More Sorrow 
    9. Valentine's Day 
    10. In Between 
    11. In Pieces 
    12. The Little Things Give You Away

    Linkin Park <Bleed It Out>

    随机播放到第9首才听到Mike Shinoda的声音,瘪死我了...
    喜欢Fort Minor大过Lp的任何一张专辑,还有Collision Course...
    或许是对Linkin Park的要求一直挺高的关系...Plz Click Here To Download...