• 2007/05/20

    Here Comes the Summer - [Music]


                                                                   Artist: Songs for Sunday Parlours
                                                                   Album: Songs for Sunday Parlours
    Country: Nordhessen, Germany 
    Release: March, 2007
    Label: Poni Republic
    Style: Lo-fi

    Track Listing:

    1. Chapter One: The Matching Face
    2. The Cold
    3. Dear Annabelle
    4. Chapter Two: There Is Nothing But Emptiness When you Leave
    5. Passenger Seat
                                                                   6. The Arrival of the Story
                                                                         of the Sailors Wife
                                                                 7. Chapter Three: Will It Always Be Like This?

    Artist: Oto Efekt
    Album: Living Room [Ep]
    Country: France 
    Release: October, 2006
    Label: Poni Republic
    Style: Lo-fi

    Track Listing:

    1. In This Hole (Poni Mix)
    2. Vincent
    3. Somthing You Said 
    4. See
                                                                   5. Song For Eduardo

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    Songs for Sunday Parlours还有个MySpace...Oto Efekt的官网好象打不开...