• 2010/06/12

    3h nx makes me writeless - [Music]


    Artist: Native Lights
    Album:  Blackwater 7"
    Country: TULSA, Oklahoma, United States
    Release: January 19th, 2010
    Label: Hard Work Records
    Style: Shoegaze /Indie

    Track Listing:

    1. Blackwater
    2. Of All The Things We've Made

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Rayfile

    "Supergroup" is a word that is sometimes carelessly thrown around on the local level, but one band that has most definitely earned the title is Native Lights. The new project is the collaboration of four musicians who have each in their own way found a niche with their day bands–Johnathon Ford, founder of the nationally recognized indie outfit Unwed Sailor, Bryce Chambers, frontman for dream-pop darling Ester Drang, Aaron Hamby, lead singer for local "it" band Callupsie, and Nathan Price, workaholic percussionist and resident drummer for Vandevander.
    The band currently has one demo, entitled "El Rosa", posted on their MySpace (myspace.com/nativelights). The song, originally written by Chambers, has the tell-tale hallmarks of each member. Ethereal vocals (sung by Chambers, who shares guitar and singing duties with Hamby) are complemented by haunting guitar melodies and a driving rhythm section (Ford on Bass and Price on drums) that brings to mind the dreamy otherworldliness of Ester Drang, the cinematic soundscapes of Unwed Sailor and the immediate catchiness of Callupsie. The track dovetails into an outro that unites the band members’ common infatuation with early '80s post-punk and shoegazer. Native Lights will release their debut single, "Blackwater" in January 2010.

    很久没正儿八经规规矩矩贴个专辑了,以至连"格式"都忘记了= =...

    P话: google订阅啥都好,就是看不见embed的播放器很不好
    and这个Bryce Chambers的照片有没有让你们穿越?



  • 这封面让我想起某个恐怖片的镜头。。。
    2010-06-14 17:01:51