• 2007/07/15

    We Followed Tigers... - [Music]


    Artist: We Followed Tigers...
    Album: ...And Then We Were Killed [Ep]
    Country: Novato, CA, United States
    Release: 2004
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Post Hardcore /Jazz /Experimental

    Track Listing:

    1. I Love The Smell Of An Autumn Forest Fire
    2. Ronnie Beck, Former Child Star
    3. The Coxing Switcheroo
    4. 'The People From The Sky Said They'd Return.'
    5. Forest Skyline/Lost In It

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    We Followed Tigers... is a mysterious force in the music world. The band has no webpage and only offers a Myspace and PureVolume page which are equally uninformative about the band. I have two pieces of music accredited to the band, an EP from 2004, ...And Then We Were Killed, and one from 2005, So Much for Summer, but I can't say for sure that either could be considered a "release" in the general meaning of the word—but honestly, what significance does "release" really have for an independent band? As much as I can remember, We Followed Tigers... is three college students residing somewhere in California who have a great passion (or not) for the music they create. What I can say for certain is that this bands makes some amazing music. The band mixes the unrelenting guitar-driven compositions of the hardcore genre with an array of pedal effects that layer pristinely over the grueling sonic environment. The band's former release was more on the math-rock side, laying down some complex songs that are years ahead of the musician's age. We're talking material here that would be comparable to Dysrhythmia after avery bad day. We Followed Tigers... almost completely abandons any notion of linear time, instead desiring a sonic landscape which they can freely move through in any direction (and time signature). So Much for the Summer draws in the metal influences and gets even more spastic than its predecessor. Drums pound with brutal force and the guitar effects are the only haven from the overbearing guitar attack. On top of all of that, the band is not shy to let a primal scream or two piece the air, clearing the path for even more aggressive riffs.

    I'd love to see a band like We Followed Tigers... playing the big circuits. There is a clear gap in the instrumental scene which this band fills so nicely and completely. The music is fast, cathartic, and most importantly—LOUD. Hailing from a part of the country that isn't necessarily known for it's hard instrumental rockers, We Followed Tigers... paves its own path and sets a precedence for its own excellent. If this band is serious about its music career (which I hope it is), my only reservation is that I can't imagine it can continue assembling an archive of music all in this vein without exhausting its creative reserves. Then again, with a band as original as We Followed Tigers..., it may have a pool of untapped ideas unlike any we've seen thus far.

    以上是转自The Silent Ballet的Review...乐队共发行过两张Ep,专辑封面都找不到,官网也没有,只有个可怜的Myspace跟在Purevolume.com上的一张网页,上面有o4年Ep的试听跟3首歌曲的下载...关于乐队的简介有个Blog这么写到"Hardcore/Metalcore influenced instrumental rock complete with breakdowns galore."最初我的理解是:受Hardcore/Metalcore影响的后摇乐队伴有间断的撕吼- -...我的英语水平已经不知道下降到哪里去了,1o月份还要去口试,唉...不过话说回来总觉得这句话不通,不知道那位高人帮忙翻翻...我觉得We Followed Tigers跟Russian Circle比较象,相比还是更喜欢我们跟着老虎...还有不得不说的是,专辑下完之后发现几乎每首个都会有几处爆音,听起来感觉大打折扣,本来以为是下载时候的问题,今天又重新找了个地址再下,结果还是一样,真是遗憾,之后上传Mediafire的时候已经换了3首没有爆音的代替,剩下3跟5实在么啥办法了...不知道谁能修修...嗯,这个是至今为止感觉排的上号的东西,希望你也喜欢...

    Part II: 还真没想到还会回来重新编辑这个贴...We Followed Tigers - So Much For Summer... Download at Mediafire