• 2010/05/13

    a girl without makeup - [Music]

     Genre: Post-Rock /Shoegaze


     Band Official HP:

    my violainé morning is an expression driven by saturation, isolated, sadness, madness, hope and wishes in the human lifes which representated by nuance of delaying clean guitar and heavy distortion fused in gloomy ambient. deliver you an unexpected imagination and vision from another side of this world.

    my violainé morning is an indonesian band which formed in 2004. Their sound is comprising indie soundscape influenced by shoegazing and post-rock sounds with an ambient dominated and exclusion of delaying guitar in almost their songs. it’s taking every single common instrument into a flowing delay harmonization. they're going explorations base from indie shoegaze scene like My Bloody Valentine, Cocteau twins, Slowdive, Ride, and their local shoegaze scenes like themilo, such as those which be heard at Where’s My Place to Play EP Album released by grotesque records in early 2008 . Then they started realizing there still less in their music, too much melodic circle, less ambient, so they comes with addition of their idealism, influenced by post-rock genre like sigur ros, god is an astronaut, motek, explosion in the sky, they filled their sounds with an expressive ambient and emotion voices in their songs.

     Discograpy [Download]:
    The Earth is Dying and Trying to Whisper released March 2010
    'old habits + new technology =' EP released February 2010
    Hideous & Open End Sparkle released October 2008
    Where's My Place To Play EP released December 2007

    my violainé morning也不是甚么新鲜团了,当初o7年的EP就震撼了一把,很shoegaze的音墙,不怎么抢镜的人声...
    我不想这样...my violainé morning才是主角...

    PS: 除了大叔一如既往的万年订阅不清理订阅源的关注着,还有啥半熟不生的,看我在这儿隔个大半年的又码字的同学,麻烦吭个声...没大巴帐号的同学请点"匿名回复"

  • 2010/05/08

    failure->sucseed - [Music]

     Another Moon & Sick Sad World - Split Ruins of a Forgotten World

    Another Moon:
    01. There will be no sunshine anymore
    02. Ruins of a forgotten world (feat Juda from Sick Sad World)
    03. The end of all things

    Sick Sad World:
    04. White-room
    05. Heads
    06. Just Break

     Genre: Post-Metal /Post-Rock/ Post-Hardcore
    Anoter Moon: Myspace, Free Album Download
     Sick Sad World: Myspace

    another moon还算是个很不错的单人团,sick sad world就比较一般了,总之无味的人声真是多余...

  • 2010/04/25

    oh! it's beautiful - [Music]



    of course, it's hard to decide where to head to yourself... setting a goal, determined, and nerver hasitate...

  • Artist: Bosch's With You
    Album:  Live in Kharkiv
    Country: Moscow, Russian Federation
    Release: 2009
    Label: R.A.I.G. Records
    Style: Post-Rock / Ambient

    Track Listing:

    1. St. Michael's Seed (Live Alternative Version 2008)
    2. Caught Inside (Live Version 2008)
    3. Metathesis (Live Version 2008)
    4. The Day of Wrath (Live Version 2008)

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Free Direct Download: Here

    BOSCH'S WITH YOU: Dima T. Pilot (guitar), A.B. (guitar), Dima Ch. (bass), and Indol (drums, percussion). Recorded live at the Churchill Pub, Kharkiv (UA) on April 26, 2008. Mixed and edited by Karl at Pri-Zvuk Studio, Moscow (RU). Original live photo by Vedenei Zaikov. This is the only official concert album by the band. Its tracklisting includes 3 brand new compositions ("St.Michael's Seed", "Caught Inside" and "Metathesis") as well as "The Day of Wrath", one of the band's live favourites (from the album Here Came The Day - Here Came The Night). Published as a free-to-download mp3-album exclusively (70 mb - 4 tracks - 48 min.). In Rememberance of Dima T. Pilot (1980 - 2009).

    Do you want to be a celebrity, or just ordinary,
    Do you want to be dead with glory, or just peacefully,
    Life is such a journey,
    We cry, we smile...

    In rememberance of Dima T. Pilot, rest in peace...

  • 2009/10/02

    等四四 - [Music]


    Official HP:

    Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/littlephrase

    ポストロック的なフォーマットに ambient・electlonica・classicなどの要素を織り交ぜた独自の音楽性を志向しており、the album leaf・epic45・miaou・helios・supercar等を彷彿とさせる穏やかで優しさのある旋律を軸にして、my bloody valentine・saxon shore・explosions in the skyらを思わせる轟音と疾走感、さらにはsigur rosを代表とする北欧勢に近い壮大な世界観も持ち合わせている。“ポップなポストロック”を奏でる、自由度の高い音楽集団という自覚のもと活動中。

    Inner reflection sometime causes a dead run and blue enfolds anxiety. Sounds which constantly synchronize in it.
    Small refrains overlap each other and afterward they become a bulk flow. By making their rock and classical sound which includes electronic and ambient elements, Little Phrase pursues "universal sound".
    Little Phrase is a four-man band from Yamaguchi, Japan, consisting of Toshihide Hashimoto (guitar,vocals,synthesizer) , Tatsuya Matsumura (drums), Kohsuke Mitsui (bass,guitar) and Takahiro Hashimoto (guitar,vocals,synthesizer,piano,violyre,sampler) .
    The band was formed during the summer of 2007.

    1st album "LANDSCAPE" (OUT 2009.09.16), and here's the album SPECIAL SITE


    小日本都找不到是伐? 嗯,对的
    小日本都很扣是伐? 嗯,对的
    四四侬都搞得定的是伐? 嗯,对的

  • 2009/09/16

    gimmesound - [Music]

     Band Members:
    Tundra Lights is Cale Brandon

    Caspian, Giants, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Rós, This Will Destroy You, Mogwai, Because of Ghosts, Hammock, Eluvium, This Is Your Captain Speaking, The Album Leaf, Olafur Arnalds, Red Sparowes, The Appleseed Cast, Damien Rice

     Sounds Like:
    Winter, Summer, Underwater, Planets and Stars

    You can support the band & download the album "They Came From the Frozen Hills": Here
    And you can watch the the video of "Four Nights Under the Lights": Here

  • 2009/09/09

    ムニムニ - [Music]

    About oaqk:
    tetsuya suzuki [drum]
    takanori komaki [bass]
    yusuke horita [guitar]
    makoto nagai [guitar]

    結成当初より自主企画や盟友「OVUM」との共同企画”amber dawn”(インストバンドのみで構成)を開催し多くの反響を呼ぶ。

    また2007年に開催した企画「CLOSER」は新宿MARZ、MOTIONにて、2会場往来自由と言う体制で全11バンドが出演し、300人以上の動員を記録。(FREE CD3000枚配布)
    第2弾を同年11月に東名阪にて開催。(FREE CD5000枚配布)
    2008年に開催された第3弾では法政大学でイベントを開催。(FREE CD10000枚配布)積極的にイベントを実施。

    ライブの定評より「KINSKI」「BELLINI」「SHIPPING NEWS」といった、海外アーティストの国内ツアーのサポートを勤め、共演アーティストより高い評価を受ける。本年7月には「Adebisi Shank」、「Saxon Shore」の来日公演に出演。
    また、海外での活動を積極的に行い続けるMONOとの出逢いから、彼らのレーベルhuman highway records初となる、国内アーティストによるコンピレーション「THE MIXING OF LANDSCAPE」へ参加(2005年)。


    呃,我很懒的,将就着看看,不行就google翻译= =
    关注蛮久的团了,终于发了,欧美系,and瑟瑟请加油= =...

  • 2009.10.07 RELEASE
    2nd mini album 『capital of gravity』
    01. Kalliope | 2:28
    02. Apollo Program | 7:01
    03. Tears of na-ga | 8:25
    04. Ant's planet | 4:55
    05. Epsilon | 10:20
    06. 銀河の車窓から -reprise- [remixed by Tyme.]
    INCLUDED 6 TRACKS / TIME 42:05(予定)
    価格:¥1,980(税込) / ¥1,886(税抜)  

    09.11.03 (Tue) : @名古屋 CLUBROCK'N'ROLL
    09.11.08 (Sun) : @大阪 SUNSUI  w : middle9
    09.11.25 (Wed) : @東京 下北沢ERA -ONEMAN SHOW-

    【DVD】sgt. 『LIVE at SUPER DELUXE 2008.12.13』

  • 2009/08/11

    jonny & babara - [Music]

    Artist: Radarmaker
    Album: Aristocracy And The Horse
    Country: Perth, Australia
    Release: May 6, 2005
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Indie /Post Rock

    Track Listing:

    1. Atlas Shrugged
    2. Arm vs. Fiery Antenna
    3. Deliquesce
    4. Rusalka
    5. Hurstville 1928

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Mediafire, or Rayfile

    Radarmaker has come to mean a number of things throughout the six years of its existence. Beginning life in 2001 as a plaintive acoustic-pop trio making polite songs about quiet yearning, the acquisition of new instrumentation, an extra member and a boost in bravado saw the band consolidate what may be considered as their definitive line-up.

    Radarmaker from 2003 onwards consisted of Wendi Graham - whose delicate voice betrays her musical resilience, Warwick Hall - sturdy rhythm guitarist and progenitor of many of the bands catchier riffs, Adam Trainer - frontman, lout and laughing stock, and versatile genius Noah Norton. In this incarnation the band created songs and soundscapes that traversed the delicate and the chunky, the poetic and the provocative, the beautiful and the destructive elements of indie rock, whatever that might be. With a penchant for experimentation and musical meditation it was no surprise that they collected the tagline of ‘post-rock’.

    Their debut record, released independently, was the iconic and benevolent 'Aristocracy and the Horse', which criss-crossed through cyclical melodies, wistful maladroit, driving skittishness and thunderous cacophony. ‘Aristocracy and the Horse' was listed in both Grok magazine and the RTRfm website as amongst the best releases of 2005. In 2005 the band were nominated for ‘Best Music Video’ WAMI & WASA awards for their self-made video clip - 'Arm vs. Fiery Antenna'.

    Produced over a hectic ten-month period, the band’s first long player, ‘Drawn Like Spires’ arguably shows the progression of a band who has matured musically, has honed its dynamic and had focused not only its song-writing, but its command of musical exploration and structural experimentation. Already the album is receiving acclaim, having been feature album on RTRfm, and the WAMI website. Irreverent, pretentious, tongue-in-cheek, above all else it is Radarmaker.

    把Rusalka偷偷混进Gregor Samsa的专辑肯定能蒙混过关:)

    P话: 很多乐队用下面这招麽,惘闻叔叔...