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    Artist: Engineers
    Album: Engineers
    Country: London, England
    Release: June 21, 2005
    Label: Echo UK Through Ada
    Style: Dream Pop / Indie Rock

    Track Listing:

    1. Home
    2. Waved On
    3. New Horizons
    4. Forgiveness
    5. Let's Just See
    6. Come in out of the Rain
    7. Peter Street
    8. Said and Done
    9. Thrasher
    10. How Do You Say Goodbye?
    11. One In Seven

    I Prefer: Said and Done, How Do You Say Goodbye?


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    Artist: All Angels Gone 
    Album: Quietly           
    Country: Paris, France       
    Release: 2005
    Style: Rock / Experimental / Psychedelic

    Track Listing:

    1. Unrelated  
    2. Wave  
    3. Empty Cars On The Road
    4. Others As A Mirror
    5. (Stephen H.)

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    I Prefer: (Stephen H.)

    因为下了The Silent Ballet: Volume 2才知道了All Angels Gone...Mofile的普通下载也干了件好事...
    浓浓的很有法国的味道...越听越深陷其中...音乐不算强烈, 只是单纯的美丽动人...

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    Artist: Envy
    Album: All the Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead           
    Country: Japan       
    Release: 2004
    Style: Post Rock /Emo /Indie

    Track Listing

    1. Zero
    2. Farewell To Words
    3. Lies and Release from Silence
    4. Left Hand
    5. A Cradle of Arguments and Anxiousness
    6. Mystery and Peace
    7. Invisible Thread
    8. The Spiral Manipulation
    9. A Cage it Falls Into
    10. The Light of my Footprints
    11. Your Shoes and the World Too


    Artist: Envy
    Album: A Dead Sinking Story            
    Country: Japan       
    Release: 2003
    Style: Post Rock / Emo / Indie

    Track Listing

    1. Chain Wondering Deeply
    2. Distress Of Ignorance
    3. Evidence
    4. Color Of Fetters
    5. Unrepairable Gentlness
    6. Go Mad and Mark
    7. A Conviction That Speeds
    8. Reasons And Oblivion
    9. A Will Remains In The Ashes


    Artist: Natsumen
    Album: Never Wear Out Your Summer XXX!!!            
    Country: Japan       
    Release: 2006
    Style: Rock / Experimental / Indie

    Track Listing

    1. Newsummerboy
    2. Atami Free Zone  
    3. Pills To Kill Ma August 
    4. Nine Buddhas' Things 
    5. Whole Lotta Summer
    6. Natsu No Mujina

    I Prefer: Newsummerboy,Whole Lotta Summer


    Artist: Te'
    Album: If That Is What Is Being Thought Liberated Sound Talks The Depth Of Musical World           
    Country: Japan       
    Release: 2006
    Style: Rock / Experimental / Indie

    Track Listing

    1. It must be called 'Intelligence' if people stop when they realize they are not able to become what they are wishing to be
    2. A thought would never let people 'watch' what they choose. Instead, it let them see what they hope to see
    3. Anxiety is not about the issue. It is actually about people's 'mind' related to the issue that they are afraid of
    4. Avarice would speak with every word, it 'acts' every part and it even pretends to be not avaricious
    5. A real 'imitation' is the imitation that let people see ridiculousness of boring original one
    6. It is supposed to be 'ordinary' that imagination moves much faster and more freely than bright light in the darkness
    7. 'Existence' of eloquence is only in a look of people's face that remain silence, and it even beats any kind of words
    8. Anger kills all the idiots, and envy would torture foolish people and all the 'instants' being involved
    9. We promise with a view to hope, but the reason to 'accomplish' what we promised would be fear
    10. A reality that people are living in this world is a lot 'more' complicated than fantasy.land that they imagine

    最近都在听这个...Thx 逆音