• 2009/02/01

    untitled - [Music]

     MONO "Follow The Map" directed by Dimitri Galuret

    Mouse On the Keys "最後の晩餐"

  • 2009/01/29

    we will change !!! - [Music]

    By Mackeson

    Post-Rock, Experimental

     Band Members:
    Transmission is Simon Tong (The Verve; Blur; The Good, The Bad & The Queen): Guitars, Paul Ferguson (Killing Joke): Drums, Youth (Killing Joke; Produzent): Bass /Vocoder /Vocals, Tim Bran (Dreadzone): Vocals /Keyboards

    Official HP:

    RYM: http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/transmission_f1

    Transmission is an experimental/post-rock band based in the United Kingdom. The band includes former members of Killing Joke, Murder, Inc., Verve, and Dreadzone. Formed 2005, recorded first album july 2005 at Olympic Studios London, release date ep: Noctolucent 24th july album: Beyond Light 21st august 2006 on Malicious Damage Records. When youth met simon tong they were both working together with the verve, and in between simon finishing sessions with gorillaz and blur, they sparked up a friendship and continued working together which resulted in them developing twin guitar, instrumental epic soundscapes this sound obviously needed more to it and so tim bran was invited to apply some stark metallic synths and beautiful epic pianos then in spring 2005, at a malicious damage shin-dig, youth was re-united with his old killing joke bandmate, big paul ferguson when big paul heard the demos it didn't take much to persuade him to join the project. three months later the collaborators were laying down some of the heaviest and sublime music ever recorded at the legendary olympic studios... although it took six months to write, the album was recorded in three, hot steaming days in july, and now with the help of the pioneering passion of malicious damage records the project has finally come to fruition these musicians have produced a sound and music unlike anything they've done before this is a transmission where the music flows effortlessly, where the melodies are fearless, juxtaposed and complemented with raw and primitive rhythms that are brutally executed sublime moments of timeless beauty, fragile and epic at the same time, vast dark geographies and previously uncharted maps of sound.

    released october 2008

    this is one amazing ride from a four-headed creative monster on heat that manages to blend musical beauty, torrential passion and sheer malevolence, sometimes in the space of one track...

    First sound on opening track Albion is Youth’s unmistakable heaving bass before Big Paul Ferguson steams in with the heaviest drums in the business. Once the original Killing Joke rhythm section is underway on a crunching post-punk funk vamp, Simon Tong’s guitar appears in shrapnel clusters lashed by Tim Bran’s unearthly synth. Musical fireworks might be expected from a line-up like this and Sublimity, the second album by Transmission, doesn’t disappoint.

    The pedigree is impeccable: Youth’s production credentials, his time with Paul in the Joke before ahead-of-its-time superfunk ensemble Brilliant. Simon’s stint in the Verve line-up which made Urban Hymns then Gorillaz and Damon Albarn and Paul Simenon’s The Good, The Bad & The Queen. Dreadzone co-founder Tim Bran plays with Subsonar and The Orb.

    The group started gestating after Youth and Simon became friends during the Urban Hymns sessions, which the former co-produced. Tim entered the fray then, Paul in Spring 2005 after he met Youth at a Malicious Damage party and heard some demos. Three months later they recorded debut album Beyond Light in three days at London’s legendary Olympic studios.

    With the line-up always busy on respective other projects it’s taken nearly two years to emerge with a follow-up but the results are a controlled explosion of disparate musical styles often reaching jawdropping peaks, like the emotional skyscraper of Triple Threat and its mix of dubbed-out effects, guitar resonance and Paul’s inimitable tribal rumble. Rarely does a band manage to blend musical beauty, torrential passion and sheer malevolence, sometimes in the space of one track, influences running riot, assimilated into the group’s mass organic psyche before being spewed out in glorious technicolour.

    For instance, cinematic Giorgio Moroder melodies on the atmospheric Dance Alone, keening psychedelia on the stately You Hold The Fire, Bo Diddley beats under the spiralling guitars of Goodbye Old Friend and Oh Sleep coming in on a classic rock guitar riff before taking off on another of the flights which seem to be this group’s trademark. On some tracks Youth adds vocals, taking Confusion in a panoramic astral rock direction with shades of Bowie while Opium Head turns into a soaring hallucino-ballad. By the mindblowing home stretch guitar-thrash of Absinthium it’s apparent that this has been one amazing ride from a four-headed creative monster on heat - a special Transmission indeed.

     Key Track: Star Stella, Download: Beyond Light (2006), & Sublimity (2008)

    如果你觉得英文介绍多了点,呃...我也很为难,水平有限,写不出人家那种文采= =...耐心点咯...一周最佳,佐料不是很多,但很劲道...
    如果大多数人还是把PR简单地归结为Quiet-Loud-Quiet, Slow-Quick-Slow的话,我想,这个会是个不错的"反例"...觉得后摇和普通的摇滚比起来最大的不同,除了没有人声的加入意外,器乐所扮演的角色也更值得推敲...好的后摇总是那么具有画面感,细节的表达,情绪的处理,细腻而富有引领作用...或许是鼓,或许是吉他...Explosions In the Sky...

    P话: Sublimity is an easy album to admire, but not the easiest to like.
    And麻烦谁找张四位大叔的合照来= =...

  •  Genre:
    Indie Rock, Emo, Post-Rock

     Band Members:
    The Appleseed Cast is Christopher Crisci and Aaron Pillar with Nate Whitman and John Momberg. Our past members include Marcus Young, Aaron Coker, Nathan Richardson, Jordan Geiger, Josh Baruth, Jason Wickershiem and Louie Ruiz....

    Official HP:
    Last.fm: http://www.last.fm/music/The+Appleseed+Cast

    By now seasoned veterans of the independent music world, The Appleseed Cast is proud to announce the release of Sagarmatha, their sixth studio album and ... (more) second release with The Militia Group. The album will be available on February 17, 2009. The Appleseed Cast recorded at Mixtape Soundlab and Toy Shop, with their own Christopher Crisci engineering, and later re-grouped with Ed Rose at Black Lodge Recording in Lawrence, KS for instrumental overdubs and mixing. The record leads The Appleseed Cast to the peak of their musical ability, into experimental post-rock, and often purely instrumental territory. Shortly before release, The Appleseed Cast will embark on a US tour, kicking off the festivities at Opolis in Norman, OK on February 4th.

    The Appleseed Cast began their musical career in 1997 in Southern California before signing to Deep Elm Records and relocating to Lawrence, KS the following year. With the release of The End of The Ring Wars on Deep Elm Records, The Appleseed Cast began their ascent to their current rank as well-respected musicians and trendsetters among their genre. They’ve since released Mare Vitalis (Deep Elm, 2000); Low Level Owls Vols. 1 & 2 (Deep Elm, 2001); Lost Songs (Deep Elm, 2002); Two Conversations (Tiger Style, 2003); and Peregrine (The Militia Group, 2006).

    1) Google, 2) Blog Search, 3) Type "The Appleseed Cast, 4) Press Enter =]

    替身,总觉得是个不怎么舒服的词...不过最初确实是把The Appleseed Cast当作了Moving Mountains的替身来看待...即使在资历方面The Appleseed Cast要远比Moving Mountains来的深厚...
    风格方面,Indie Rock,Emo+Post-Rock的组合相当成熟...呃,其实有些时候标注风格内加入PR只是很多人的一厢情愿,包括我在内,呵呵......

    P话: 第一张大获成功后的第二张专辑到底有多难做,我是不知道...不过已经开始有人诟病Yndi Halda "Lack Of Inspiration"...More Info: ATPR
    作为乐队的乐手,他们眼中的Post-Rock到底是甚么,以及乐队所面对的问题到底有哪些...对我们这些光听不练的人来说,Maybe it's the dark side of the moon...And其中的观点我都非常的认同

  • 2009/01/18

    style, changing - [Music]

    Some "Yesterday's News" on my favourate Post-rock band Immanu El from their Myspace:

    Thursday, November 06, 2008 

     Tours '09, Recordings, Members, Website

    After some heavy touring in september/october we have spent some time creating new songs and to plan the upcoming year. We are happy to announce two more european tours before the recording of our second album which we hope will be ready to record next summer:

    in FEBRUARY '09 we will tour Denmark, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and also Sweden. The tourdates are currently beeing booked by the great people of Kolleqt Bookings (D), Promusicage (PL) and Gezaw Bookings (SE)

    in MAY '09 we will make another tour focusing in western, central europe and also a re-visit in the UK/IRE. The dates are not set yet but we are currently planning this great event with the people from Kolleqt Bookings and Forever Presents Ltd. (IRE/UK). If you have any requests or would like to help us with anything don't hesitate to write us a line.

    We will present some new material from our upcoming album these tours, which also will be the last tours promoting our debut album 'They'll Come, They Come' we released last year. The next album will hopefully be mastered before fall '09 but don't be surprised if you find some live-clips of our new songs on youtube in association with the mentioned tours.

    Sadly, Jonatan cannot proceed touring with us but our good friend David Lillberg will join the band from now on. David plays keys, guitar, laptop and vocals and we really look forward to bring him with us. Jonatan will still figure as a very important musician/producer and good friend of the band.

    New press photos, taken by photographer Johan Stahre, are uploaded to our profile.

    We have started to work with our new official webiste.
    www.immanu-el.com will be launched again soon.

    Love and joy,

    If you barely know them:

    IMMANU EL is a young Swedish band with a unique sound - Dynamic guitar and keyboard soundscapes, captive singing and with somewhat of a moving Nordic mood. The music is focused at varying dynamics and a wide spectrum of harmonic expressions and sounds that can move between presence and ambience. Originally the band was inspired by early post rock and experimental bands and sounds, which combined with pop influences made IE to create a sound of their own based on atmospheric soundscapes that became their fundament for their debut album.

    The core in the IE sound has ever since the first songs were written in their mid teens been to create something heartrendingly beautiful and moving, but the performance to create it has changed. As the band members have grown older and turned from teens into young men, the music as well has got a lot more mature and even more specifically unique. The core of beauty is still there, but what we can hear from today’s IMMANU EL is a rock band with confidence, profession and quality in their own sound. Atmospheric surroundings has yielded for a more down to earth, present and forcing kind of music, and the result is something rarely seen or heard before – a sound more touching and beautiful than in the rock quarters, but with more attitude and presence than in the soundscapes of post rock.

    IMMANU EL started out in 2003 as a musical experiment by 16 year old Claes Strängberg that was joined by his twin brother Per. The old friends Michael Persson and Emil Karlsson also joined the Strängberg twins, and the following year they started to create atmospheric pop music influenced by post rock in an old barn outside the town of Jönköping on the Swedish countryside – while still studying in high school. The following demo records sold out and the word about IMMANU EL started to spread. Getting more and more popular, the band got the chance to play some shows all over Sweden by supporting established acts like Logh and Loney, Dear. After a visit in Iceland and some publicity in media everything went on pretty fast. IE got the opportunity to be a part of the Hultsfred Rookie festival 2005, the biggest stage for unsigned bands in Sweden. This show became something of a break through for the young lads, and their second demo release, “Killerwhale EP” were sold out and spread all over the world. After finishing high school the band got signed by And The Sound Records and the debut album “they’ll come, they come” was released the following year, distributed in Europe, Asia, USA and digitally worldwide through iTunes. The debut album as well as their live appearances on tour received glorious reviews from all over the world, one example is the biggest Swedish Newspaper METRO that wrote about the band as:

    "One of the biggest Swedish pop-hopes right now”

    In 2008 IMMANU EL started to tour across Europe, and will continue to do so a lot the upcoming year. The band’s highly expected second album will be recorded in the summer of 2009.

    reviews & lyrics are published in the blog.

    for booking, press info etc

  • 2009/01/18

    new release on noble - [Music]

    5 Dec.

    kashiwa daisuke       1. Red Moon 
      5 Dec.                      2. Requiem

                                     3. Bogus Music
                                     4. Taurus Prelude    
                                     5. Black Lie, White Lie
      2009-02-20             6. Silver Moon
      CD                           7. Broken Device
      CXCA-1246              8. About Moonlight
      $25 (within tax)      9. Aqua Regia
                                     10. Beautiful Sunday 

    "program music I", released approximately a year and a half ago introduced audiences to a musical interpretation of two Japanese literary classics, “Night on the Milky Way Railroad” and “Run Melos!” and revealed the rich musical talent of kashiwa daisuke. As we enter the final one digit year of the new millennium, we are proud to release “5 Dec.”, an album that drops hints of what’s to come in the next 10 years.

    kashiwa’s first album released from German label, onpa, in 2006 won rave reviews from many artists including Ryuichi Sakamoto. In his second album, “program music I” released the following year, kashiwa daisuke defined his presence once again in the world of music. The artist’s lyrical melody and dynamic and inventive musical arrangements have led his work to new frontiers in TV commercials and fashion shows. kashiwa casts also off a powerful presence on the online world through his musical + visual collaboration with Koji Nishida of RAKU-GAKU, the artist behind kashiwa’s album jackets.

    In his third album, “5 Dec.”, kashiwa daisuke makes yet another step into a new horizon. In this album, the artist’s signature melody with its flowing, oriental taste hides behind the shadows to be replaced by tearing voice samples and noisy and metallic guitar sounds thrashing almost violently on top of colorful uplifting beats such as break core, down tempo, bleep techno, and drum n’ bass. In contrast to the aggressive sounds of the first half, the second part of the album starting with the 6th track, “Silver Moon” guides audiences to a minimal world created through electronic sounds and the piano. As a whole, the album portrays a brilliant contrast of sound.

    The melody of this album does not impose sentimentalism or nostalgia onto its listeners but rather, it takes them on a journey into rhythm from beginning to end. Even amidst the violent and excessive elements, there is always a composed eye seeing into the passion that lies beneath, there is a self-disciplined, strict interpretation of the world, a sublime and metallic texture… this is what the artist kashiwa daisuke may be all about. Turn your ears and experience the fruit of kashiwa daisuke’s new challenge and step with him into a whole new level of musical originality.
                                                                                                       -- noble

    P话: 呃...大叔侬可以准备好银子了

  • 2009/01/15

    random play - [Diary]

    2003年春, Vo,Gt長島和也, Ba久野木, Dr吉岡の3人で結成...
    音響やミクスチャー、ジャムの要素を組み込み, その名称とは裏腹に、重厚かつ、暗闇で淡く輝く数々の光を彷彿をさせる、独特でクリエイティブな世界観を作りだす...
    2006/5月に1st mini album『ルルル』をリリース...

    ルルル formed in spring of 2003 by three persons of Dina (Vo, Gt), Kunoki (Ba), and Yoshioka (Dr). Dina’s twins’ elder brother Jaba was invited to the guitar in the winter of the same year,and started activity in spring of 2004. incorporating the element of sound-system, post-system, mixture, And original space is created in the real world which is useful in noise and the world is divided. The space-time which “ru ru ru” created has spread there when the sound and the rhythm of A are able to be felt with the whole body.  

    Official HP: http://rururu.jp/
    Myspace: http://profile.myspace.com/rururuzankyo


     ルルル - ラララ

  • Artist: Our Ceasing Voice
    Album: Steadied Stars In The Morphium Sky [Ep]
    Country: Tirol, Austria
    Release: January 12, 2009
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Post Rock /Ambient /Experimental

    Track Listing:

    1. The Inevitable Fall
    2. Of Lives Once Lost
    3. As The Horizon's On Fire
    4. Dazzled Eyes Are Shut.

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Free Download: ATPR, or Rayfile

    We are 3 guys from Tyrol, AUSTRIA and started the band Our Ceasing Voice in late 06. After a few changes and musical identification processes the current line up is:
    Sebastian: guitars and programming
    Christoph: bass
    Reinhard: guitars/ vocals

    The EP was written and recorded from fall '08 to winter '08. We recorded the ep ourseslves in our home-studio, then it was professionally mastered.
    The EP is licensed under a creative commons license, allowing everyone to download/share the material. However, we also offer a physical copy of the record. Packaging is hand-made:
    a 5,25inch floppy disc with pictures and liner notes holds the actual CD and is enveloped by handmade sleeves, with delicate photography on them.
    As we're on no label, we distribute the copies ourselves, they can be bought here:
    Here is the download link to a .rar file: the password is postrockcommunity.blogspot.com - the archive contains cover/artwork pictures.
    In case you might wonder about the password on the file: Me and Christoph run the postrockcommunity site, hence the publicity for the link.

    Thank you for listening to our tunes,
    Our Ceasing Voice

     Our Ceasing Voice - As The Horizon's On Fire


  • Nathan Nicholson - Vox, Rhythm Guitar
    Todd Howe - Lead Guitar
    Adam Harrison - Bass
    Piers Hewitt - Drums

     2oo3: Watermelon [CDS]
     2oo4: In Pursuit [CDS]
     2oo4: Code Red [CDS]
     2oo5: Exits
     2oo9: Union
     Full Discography:
    TBR Forum

    THE BOXER REBELLION formed in 2001, through a chance meeting at London's 12 Bar Club. Despite an illness flooring one of their members and forcing them to cancel tours with Razorlight and The Killers, the band pushed forward to release their debut album 'Exits' in 2005 with significant press acclaim. Further interest from abroad saw the band playing shows in the latter half of 2005 in France, Italy and Japan with the likes of The Walkmen, before heading back to the UK to consolidate ideas for a second full-length release. The Boxer Rebellion stand for longevity and substance, and they have both of these qualities in droves. Where other bands would have crumbled following the woes that have befallen this London four-piece, The Boxer Rebellion have re-grouped and re-discovered what makes them tick. Recent, packed live performances in London show that TBR have amassed a solid fanbase, and with superb new songs, the world is again their oyster.

    London-based British band comprising Nathan Nicholson, Todd Howe, Adam Harrison and Piers Hewitt, delivering a mixture of rawkus bass-heavy grooves, alternately fragile and explosive vocals, and melodic indie/alternative sounds. So far the band have released “The Boxer Rebellion” EP (in 2003) and the “Exits” LP (in 2005). A limited edition single “Evacuate/Code Red” was released in 2008. Their new and second album “Union” will be released worldwide on January 11th, 2009, initially exclusively through iTunes, along with a worldwide re-release of “Exits”.

    The Amber Light不同,The Boxer Rebellion在o5年的Exits中表现得更为猛烈,情绪也好,表现方式也好...颇有几分在战场上幸存之余呐喊的味道...粗糙的质感,喷涌而出直至爆裂的轰鸣,到World Without End的恍若围城...真让人欲罢不能
    新专辑Union虽仍有象Evacuate一样标准TBR风格的曲目,但总体趋向柔和...舍弃了些许"过曝"的处理,多了些节奏变化,加上与生俱来的流畅旋律(很PR= =),让Union相较Exits更为的成熟饱满...很难说两者孰优孰劣,总之我很博爱...
    TBR的风格还是比较难界定,至少我是分不清楚...Psychedelic? Indie? Alternative? Brit-pop? 谁指点一下...
    再回过头看看o8年的Brit-pop...Keane,Travis, Coldplay...呃,你还记得他们的debut长啥样麽?好吧,他们都说自己在改变,在尝试新的风格,至少我是不知道这改变的初衷在哪里,大概是更迎合听众,更面向市场吧...瞧人家Antony and the Johnsons到现在还这副阴阳怪气的唱腔,新砖The Crying Light不也蛮嗲嘛= =...

    Form and Fate - Recirc [Ep] (2oo8)
     Sense of Akasha - People Do not Know Who Rules (2oo8)
     Hasta La Otra México! - 8 [Ep] (2oo8)
     Koan - Our Species Evicted Itself From Eden [Ep] (2008) (Thx Lodge)

    P话: 下辈子要不到欧洲当gay去?= =...估计目标就是那些头发微卷,络腮胡子,深邃忧郁男= =...哎哟,还有这嗓音,我是彻底的拜倒了Orz...


    Artist: Zalem
    Album: Demo
    Country: Angers, Pays de la Loire, France
    Release: 2007
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Post-Rock /Post-Metal

    Track Listing:

    1. Missing
    2. Eponyme
    3. Twin Sal

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Post-Engineering

    Zalem is formed in 2004. The band was directed towards at the same time ambient , rock music, combining various influences of each musician. The band hopes to share its music with many people. Zalem plays the music that leaves much place of imagination and feelings (we hope!!) In near future, Zalem will add some new musicians in his band to enlarge his sound.

    Byebye 'o8~

  • 2008/12/25

    奇葩 - [Review]

    Mono的唯美;World's End Girlfriend的阴郁,té的不羁;Euphoria的细腻;Miaou的灵动;Toe的节奏感十足...

    P话: 《夢中夢 - 不浄幸福讃歌》中的吟唱让我想到了X-Japan= =...Endless Rain, Forever Love, Crucify My Love...

    呃,还有就是应景...各位可以把自己心中的年度Instrumental Top 1o (or Top 25, whatever) 留在下面,也可以留点今年PR总体感想之类的...稍后会把各位的东西整理下列在小博上...

     夢中夢 - 哭