• Artist: Fire On The Horizon / From Oceans To Autumn
    Album: Split
    Country: Glasgow/Aberdeen, United Kingdom / Charlotte, North Carolina, United States
    Release: June, 2008
    Label: Forgotten Empire Records
    Style: Post-Rock /Post-Metal

    Track Listing:

    1. Morella (Fire On The Horizon)
    2. Hold The Light Higher (Fire On The Horizon)
    3. Right Where I Want To Be (From Oceans To Autumn)
    4. Reach (From Oceans To Autumn)
    5. On My Way Home... (From Oceans To Autumn) 

     Sound/Info: Fire On The Horizon / From Oceans To Autumn, Download: Mediafire Part I, & Part II

    The download here is for promotional and preview purposes only, please delete it in 24 hours and support the band by buying their cd!!! (Forgotten Empire Records), thank you...

     Fire On The Horizon - 2 

    Forgotten Empire除了这张今年也不缺Post-Metal的上品,比如
    Ninth Moon Black...
    Post-Metal跟Post-Rock交界这块儿真是佳作不断,比如If These Trees Could Talk,比如Sleepmakeswaves...
    Fire On The Horizon - 2选自他们未正式发行的同名Ep...呃,谁上myspace跟他们去买= =...

  •  Sound/Info: Myspace, & Label HP, Interview: Here

    The intention is to release a series of 12 CDR’s, one per month for a year. Each release will be limited to 100 copies and presented in clear wallets with a double sided colour sleeve inside or possibly a card insert. The artwork for the series will be created by Ben Curzon (Planet Mu, Make Mine Music, amongst others), and the 12 CDR covers, once seen together, will form one image. I think it’s very exciting and will look fantastic! Distant Noise was created by Tarl Broad-Ashman AKA Innerise. After a years of making music and following music, he decided to create a small label to follow his passion further. Releasing a series of albums each month to create 12 complete CD's that cover a wide range of musical influences, styles and forms, an exciting opportunity.

    Distant Noise Records.

    用创办人Tarl Broad-Ashman(Aka. Innerise)自己的话来说,他是这么形容Distant Noise的,"A New Small Label",小新厂...

  • It's not the album cover, but i like this one
    Artist: Final Days Society
    Album: Noise Passes, Silence Remains
    Country: Växjö, Sweden
    Release: May 2, 2008
    Label: Digital Revolt
    Style: Post Rock /Indie Rock

    Track Listing:

    1. Dilaton
    2. Scalar Fields
    3. Violent Red
    4. Pain Passes, Beauty Remains
    5. Lets Go Again
    6. (The) Fire
    7. Knife
    8. Adage
    9. Silence Is...

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Postrockcommunity, or Fs2you (Thx 年糕), Buy and Support: CDON

    Final Days Society is the result of 4 guys from 4 different bands in the southern parts of Sweden joining forces to make music that they love, emotional powerful music. After the first rehearsal we all knew right away that the music we made was something worth fighting for, so promises were made. And so Final Days Society's story begins.

  • 2008/07/30

    Laymar from Manchester - [Music]

    Artist: Laymar
    Album: In Strange Lines And Distances
    Country: Manchester, Northwest, United Kingdom
    Release: June 23, 2008
    Label: TV Records
    Style: Post-Rock /Experimental /Electronic

    Track Listing:

    1. Rec #4  
    2. Circles and Squares
    3. Nu1
    4. Rec #3 
    5. Juvenile Whole Life 
    6. Tori Grace 
    7. Swords

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Shareonall

    The download here is for promotional and preview purposes only, please delete it in 24 hours and support the band by buying their cd!!! (cdbaby, Amazon.uk), thank you...

    Laymar are a three piece experimental post-rock band from Manchester, UK. Layered soundscapes with guitar and bass guitar picking out the melody, synthed loops, keyboards and programmed beats and blips added to live drumming. The band mix time signatures, beats and rhythms and their music can sometimes be dark and atmospheric, epic and melodic, tense and dramatic.

  • 2008/07/19

    FiNaLKiD - [Music]

    Artist: Various Artists
    Album: FiNaLKiD Group 2
    Country: South-East Asia
    Release: 2007
    Label: FiNaLKiD Group
    Style: Post-Rock /Shoegaze /Ambient

    Track Listing Disc 1:

    1. Silent Scenery - Tale From Wooden Door
    2. Inspirative - After Sunset
    3. Pottery Maker - Night Light
    4. The Videodrome - Verse From Pain
    5. Akira Kosemura - Moon
    6. Afternoon - Toy For Kid Age 18 to 23
    7. Forgot Your Case - Minute Of Survival
    8. Sleepyester - Theme
    9. Merry Murk - 11.55 PM to 11.55 AM
    10. Coconut Cream Nephyl - A..A...Alone

    Track Listing Disc 2:

    1. JellyBelly - Illusion Dream
    2. Prazert - Young Impression
    3. Inspirative - The Lost Moment
    4. 21st Century Girl - Fr DO
    5. The Videodrome - Repeat
    6. Space Rabbit - My Tranquillity
    7. Cropframe - Waiting For...?
    8. Songtham Ruangrit - Lonely Winter
    9. The Fragile - The First Day I Believe There Is An Angel
    10. Dry Season On Mars - May

     Sound/Info: Label Myspace, Download: Rayfile (Thx Sipnic)

    It's a fantastic compilation of the Thai Records "FiNaLKiD Group" in 2007. You will see Shoegaze, Post-Rock, Ambient in this 2CD record. And the track itself will be the best introduction of each talented artist in South-East Asia. Just enjoy.

  • 2008/07/18

    Rust Inside - [Music]

    In the valley, in the pretty starve
    I saw the shining light out of your smile
    Am I hurting you on your broken heart?
    Am I a mean trick man with twisted mind?
    It’s a sappy song in word, lacking all the trust
    Wearing all the skins, sparking in the smile
    Shadow in the ground, people are born to blame
    They are trying to find a way to the pale living place
    In the valley, in the pretty starve
    There is a shining light out of your smile
    It’s a sappy song in word, lacking all the trust
    Wearing all the fouls, sparking in the sun
    Leaking on the ground, sailing on the boat
    Are you suffering all the pains? Are you tasting all the blames?
    Wearing all the skins, dropping all the faces
    Am I wasting all your time? Am I killing all your life?
    To the end of all my road, to the sunrise all alone, are you sinking to below? Are you dating me alone?
    To the end of all my road, to the sunrise all alone, are you sinking to below? Are you dating me alone?
    Are you shaking from the words? Are you shaking from the world?
    Are you changing me alone? Are you cheating me from now?

    我不知道在IV之中是最喜欢"污水塘"还是"Rust Inside",即使是在看完Live之后我还是难以在他们之间取舍出一个"最"字...也许世界上并不存在甚么Best,只是不断的重复,重复不断取代的过程...
    其实开始的时候很担心现场的音效会让这首Rust Inside湮没在嘈杂的音墙之中...可当谢玉岗唱出第一句"In the valley"的时候,我意识到这一切的担心全是多余的...直到最后的吼叫,别样于专辑的真切.比任何爆发都更具感染力...

  • 2008/07/11

    BlindPlace - [Music]

    Artist: BlindPlace
    Album: BlindPlace
    Country: Tokyo, Japan
    Release: June 20, 2008
    Label: Kivori Studio
    Style: Post Rock /Progressive Rock

    Track Listing:

    1. Control Voltages
    2. Control Burst
    3. To Seed
    4. Fest
    5. Warm For...
    6. Fear Egoist
    7. Calculating
    8. Color Of Clear

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Shareonall

    BlindPlace: Hello guys! We are from Tokyo Japan. Thank you for looking at our page. We are influenced by emotional, sensitive, experimental, progressive, alternative, post rock and all grand sounds. That's what we want to make! We hope you like our songs.

    下载了他全部的mp3文件,wav就算了...虽然速度暴慢,不过总算是顺利拖完,比较意外= =...
    If you like it, you may also like their previous EPs & Demos...

  • 2008/07/09

    Hellas Mounds - [Music]

    Artist: Hellas Mounds
    Album: The Last Ferry to Cydonia [Demo Sessions Ep]
    Country: Phoenix/Tempe, Arizona, United States
    Release: June, 2007
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Post-Metal /Post-Rock /Sludge

    Track Listing:

    1. Introduction
    2. Kodiak
    3. Stones In My Passway, Hellhound On My Trail
    4. The Last Ferry to Cydonia

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Review: TSB, Download: Mediafire

    HELLAS MOUNDS, formed in early 2006, is a sonic flood of sounds, textures, and atmosphere that pulls you under barely letting up for even a moment to gasp for air. Even though they have not been around long they have already made a lasting mark while being compared to Mogwai, Red Sparowes, and Rosetta. 2007 saw the release of ‘The Last Ferry To Cydonia Demo Sessions EP’ and 2008 will see the release of a split with Empires.

  • 2008/07/06

    softy gone - [Music]

    Artist: 로로스 (Loro's)
    Album: Scent of Orchid (너의 오른쪽 안구에선 난초향이나) [CDS]
    Country: Korea
    Release: December 1, 2006
    Label: Tunetable Movement
    Style: Korean Indie /Post Rock

    Track Listing:

    1. 너의 오른쪽 안구에선 난초향이 나
    2. My Cute Gorilla
    3. Habracadabra

     Sound/Info: Band HP, Download: Mediafire

    For Loro's - Pax Lover

    Artist: Metavari
    Album: Ambling [Ep]
    Country: The Former Black Swamp, Indiana, United States
    Release: January 18, 2008
    Label: Self-Released
    Style: Post Rock /Experimental /Electronic

    Track Listing:

    1. Satellites Made It Possible
    2. Everything Is Fine
    3. Road to Awe
    4. There You Are

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Fileducky (From ATPR)

    Defined as a post-rock instrumental band with a progressive-rock core, Metavari's retro-meets-modern sound, combined with their use of digital programming and self-manufactured tones, is captured in this stellar debut, Ambling EP.

    Artist: Guy Gelem
    Album: Lines [Ep]
    Country: London, United Kingdom
    Release: May 22, 2008
    Label: Summer Rain Recordings (White)
    Style: Experimental /Electronic

    Track Listing:

    1. Gardens
    2. Beauty
    3. North
    4. Fairytale
    5. Minimum 

     Sound/Info: Myspace, Download: Mediafire

    Guy Gelem is a London based composer/producer playing mainly Guitar and cello, recording and mixing in his home studio. Guy is reaching his sound by improvising and experimenting with acoustic instruments and electronics. Started to play guitar at the age of 10, studied in various schools of music and private tutors,played with local bands from the age of 13. After performing and recording with various groups and artists decided to focus on his own project.
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    Guy Gelem - Works (April 21, 2008) [From: 弦乐四重奏]

    ...C31+C32+C33=? 欧,CN我很无聊...